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Block 3 Going Green Kate Kilpatrick

Nadia Comaneci Gym

Kate Kilpatrick

on 23 October 2011

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Transcript of Block 3 Going Green Kate Kilpatrick

Nadia Comaneci Gym Helping Less fortunate children
to learn gymnastics The Gym Go Green Go Green Cork Eco Rock My Gym is going to be
50,000 sq. ft. I think that Nadia Comaneci
would be proud if we built
this gym. Quick Facts I have found land that I will use that is in the town of Transylvania, Romania. The land costs $120,000 US dollars. The property that
I am buying is
80,000 sqm big. The Nadia Comaneci
Gym is located near
the airport. The Nadia Comaneci Gym
will be a gym in honor of
Nadia Comaneci and all of
her contributes towards
Romania. Romania treated
her so unfairly when she
worked so hard and made
the country look like it was
really good at gymnastics.
At the time, Romania was a Communist country and it treated the citezens very poorly. Nadia was never very wealthy and she always felt ashamed of it. She worked so hard and got paid very little. I think that Nadia would like it if
we had some free classes for less
fortunate people that can't afford
a gymnastics class beacuse Nadia knows how it feels to not have as much money as a lot of people. I would also have some classes for people that can affored gymnastics lessons. I will build the building mainly out of eco friendly materials. This way, we are honoring Nadia, helping the less fortunate, and helping the environment. Gym's Layout - The front of my gym is going to be made out of recylced content bricks and it is going to have a slanted roof that is more slanted to one side than to the other.
- On the more slanted side of the roof I am going to have solar panels.
- I am going to have 3 windows on the top of the building that will bring sunlight into the Girls/Boys locker rooms.
- I am going to have 2 windows that are on the 1st floor.
- I am going to have the door on the side of the building. It is going to be a double door. Outside the Gym Inside the Gym - Inside the gym, I am going to have a registration desk for people to sign up for classes and camps.
- There is going to be a public bathroom.
- There is going to be a girl and boys locker room. Above the locker room there will be stairs up to a watching room for the parents and siblings to come and watch their children do gymnastics.
- Behind the registration desk, there will be two offices.
- The gym will have 2 emergency exits to the outside. Scholarship Fund In the Scholarship Fund, we will use $3,287,720,000 which is the remaining money that is not used on the gym to help pay for the children that can't afford gymnastics lessons. The money goes to the coaches that we will have and we will also save some for new equipment. The Nadia Comaneci Gym is made out of many environmental friendly materials. The spring flooring and all of the mats are made from recycled waterbottles. The lighting in the gym is from LED lightbulbs, which are the most environmental friendly. We will instal a water fountain, which is environmental friendly because it doesn't use plastic like disposable water bottles do. It also doesn't use extra water that would be used to wash reusable water bottles. The energy and elecetricity comes from solar panels. I am makeing the building out of eco bricks and a recycled content drywall. The floor will be made out of recycled wine corks. Vault Beam Bars Tumble track Floor Trampoline Equipment Thank you for whatching. I hope that you liked "The Nadia Comaneci Gym." The property of the land that I am buying is a beautiful property near the forrest. The property is 80 km from the Cluj Napoca Airport. Property Eco Friendly? On top of the locker room there will be stairs leading up to a watching area looking down on the gym so that friends and family can watch the gymnasts practice. Model Pommel Horse Rings Each window hole may look small, but each box is 20 ft each so that is a really big window hole and it can hold more than one window. This is the key to the model. Nadia Elena Comaneci was born on November 12, 1969. The name Nadia meant hope. Her grandparents thought that Nadia was very lucky. She survived many accidents. Nadia got interested in gymnastics at age 5 when she joined her 1st gymnastics team called The Flame. Nadia Comaneci attended Onesti's expiremental gymnastics school up until college. Nadia's first major gymnsatics competition was when she was nine years old. She was so nervous that she fell off the beam three times. Nadia Comaneci made history by scoring the 1st perfect 10 in Olympic history. The scoreboards weren't built to flash a perfect 10 so instead they flashed a 1.00 As a child, Nadia was always hyper.
She was always running and jumping.
She always said, "I was born to fly.
She broke three of her mother's
couches by jumping on them too much. Olympic Gymnast Nadia married the Olympic Gymnast Bart Conner. Nadia and Bart now
have one son. They
currently own The Bart
Conner Acadamy of
Gymnastics in Norman,
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