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Cuba Violates Human Rights

No description

Austin Sargent

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Cuba Violates Human Rights

Cuba Violates
Human Rights

By Austin Sargent
"Allows the state to imprison individuals before they have committed a crime, on the suspicion that they might commit an offense in the future" (Berlatsky 1).
Opposing the Policy
Dissidents try to express views
March of Dignity
March for human rights and to free political prisoners (Steinberg 1).
Cuba is violating human rights with a policy called "Dangerousness."
Human Rights Watch have recognized over forty "Dangerousness" cases just from people expressing their views
Ram-n Velasquez was arrested during march, charged with "Dangerousness" and was sentenced to three years in prison
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So What
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Violates Freedom
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