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No description

gavin smith

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of MYANS

Myan buildings/goverment
Myans had many buildings witch are part of it's goverment.The myans had hospitals,schools,and sport arenas.The first myan ruler was Kinich Janaab.They were ruled by preist and kings.The myans had a powerful army and warfare played a part in thier religon.
Myan Technolgy
The myans used stonecutters and wood carvers to carve jadite for wepons.They used knifes and bow and arows too.They had saws that cut through dimond.
The myans were very powerful they made books,choclate,and basketball.They had big cities and alot of people,but once the people started to die out the Spaninish attacked them and the remaning myans scattered.
By:Gavin Smith
Myan Art
Myans art was cool they used cotton mainly cotton."For myan weaving black ment war,red ment blood,blue ment sacrafice,yellow ment food." For pottery some of their pieces were as tall as a human.Also for mural piantings they used frescoes.
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