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Documentary Filmmaking Prezi

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Amanda C

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Documentary Filmmaking Prezi

Documentary Filmmaking What is a documentary? Our Documentary A documentary is an unscripted film that examines
the lives of individuals within a particular group. How do you make a documentary? For us, we realized we needed three things:
-A topic
-Equipment What was the process like? Our documentary class had to learn a lot about interviewing
before we understood what we wanted our documentary to be about and how we wanted to go about it. Examples we looked at this year:
-Good Hair
-Mad Hot Ballroom
-Life in a Day
-Never Say Never Trimester 1 Trimester 2 How do you interview? What is it like to be interviewed? Trimester 3 Showcase What is a documentary? First we needed to get used to the documentary style.
We watched documentaries and dissected what was happening in them. Next, we needed to hone our interviewing skills. Next we practiced our skills by interviewing each other Then we put together this Prezi Ultimately, our documentary transformed into a project not just about teens, but about teen girls, and what it is like being a girl in an all girls' school like ours. What are the challenges we face? What are our interests? What are our fears? In the end, who are we?
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