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Dominican Republic

No description

Brooke Hale

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo
The Flag
The Dominican Republic's main exports are sugar, coffee, and tobacco
9th largest economy in Latin America
Tourism accounts for 1 billion of their annual earnings
Their biggest trading partners are the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Japan
34.4% of the population is below the poverty line

The Geography
Danilo Medina
Elected on May 20, 2012
Serving his second term
He was voted 90% overall in his poll. Very popular.
He was voted mostly for creating a better path of citizenship for the Dominican people.
He has a wife and 3 children.
Dominican Republic Project
By: Brooke and Natalie
The white on the flag stands for salvation and the Dominicans' dedication to peace.
The blue on the flag represents freedom and liberty.
The red on the flag indicates the blood shed from their fight for independence.
The Emblem
The emblem is there to represent God, Country, and Liberty.
Some of the things in the emblem are banners, a palm leaf, a laurel branch, and a bible.
The Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean border its coastline.
Rugged highlands, mountains, valleys, and beaches.
Lies in the middle of the hurricane belt.
Hot with high temperatures all year.
Coastal areas are warmer than central areas
Two rainy seasons: May to August and November to December.
Winter is from November to April.

The Climate
Why the People who live there are proud.
Baseball - This is the most
popular pass time in the
Dominican. Many play
baseball for most of the year.
28 of the 300 MLB teams have an academy on the island.
Unique Customs
Commonly Used Slang Words
Authentic Dishes
Their Beaches : They have the second largest coastline in the Caribbean. They are known for their white sand and crystal waters.
Interesting Facts
In March of 2013, the Dominican Republic team won the Major League World Baseball classic with the score of 8-0.
Their clothing is based on today's spanish and african influences

Long, colorful spanish influenced dresses are worn at festivals
Med evil european clothing is also worn at festivals. Colorful masks are worn and other elaborate customs like the horned devil
The main touris
Extended families usually make up a family household
The oldest male in the family makes all of their decisions based on their needs
Appearance is very important. They take great pride in what they wear
Being late is considered on time
Main Attractions
National Independence Day
February 27
When they drove the Haitians out of their country. The Haitians were there for 22 years.
Throughout the month there are many celebrations.
Held in honor of the heroes who fought for their country.
Tostones- Fried Plantains
that are eaten like chips
Sancoho- A stew made of beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, and roots
El Limon- One of the biggest waterfall tourist attractions
On horse back for 30min then the waterfall scenery
Santo Domingo- Plaza de la cultural, many museums, modern arts, such as the Amber Museum

Eastern National Park- Many species of plants and animals such as turtles, bottle nose dolphins, tropical fish, and manatees
Manso (Man-So) - Calm, used when someone's mad.
Vago - lazy / lazy person

Vacuencia - talking nonsense
The famous amber with the trapped mosquito that started it all in Jurassic Park can be found at the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata.
The Dominican flag is the only flag in the world with a Bible on it.
The boys and girls marriage range...
Boys- 16 Girls- 15
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