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Poetry Project--Disappointment by Jean Hillabold

No description

Shaena Rose

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Poetry Project--Disappointment by Jean Hillabold

Disappointment by Jean Hillabold In the first stanza, the author gives us a very detailed collection of metaphors and hyperboles concerning how long she waited for her subject. She goes on to sarcastically describe her 'new life' after she's moved away. In the third and fourth stanzas, she explains that the subject could not reach her even if he/she tried. It's in the fifth and final stanza that she shows her true feelings--she's hopeful but feels very locked in and broken. Summary The first poetic technique I had noticed was a blank verse for the poem was not written to rhyme. The second and third are repetition and refrain because the word 'until' is repeated to add dramatic effect and develop the story in the first verse. Apostrophe is the fourth due to the fact that the poet is talking about a past lover who is now absent in her life. Last but certainly not least was imagery. She wrote this poem in a way that images pop up in your mind and give you chills, or at least that's what i found while reading it. It made you feel for her and even step into her shoes for a brief period of time. Poetic techniques The poem evokes a sense of longing and time passing slowly. The entire first stanza depicts the passing of time with metaphors and hyperbole, and almost a sense of the end of life with the explosion of the alarm clock, the cal leaving, and the nails becoming sharp knives. The longing is portrayed in the last paragraph, where she divulges her true feelings about the situation. She speaks of wanting to grow from the experience and wanting to break the silence between her and the subject. Imagery an analysis by Shaena, Jessica, Erin, Hailey, and Ronald. Tone
I find the tone of the poem condescending and slightly sarcastic.
‘I have a new Persian rug
And some healthy philodendrons
That compliment my color scheme.’
This portrays sarcasm in that the author seems to be flaunting her new ‘apple pie’ life while considering and acknowledging the emptiness of it after her subject left.
‘The members of my Tuesday-night group are so witty
That I’m collecting their bon mots
With some of my sketches and photographs
For a book to be published in time for Christmas.
Do look for it.’
I find this section very condescending, as she is not only encouraging the subject to acknowledge her new life but also to revel in her success by buying the book I believe the theme speaks of pride in the face of humiliation—keeping ones dignity in times of inner sadness. I connected the poem to Richard Davies’ work, ‘Behind These Fronts’. They each deal with the same theme, and a situation in which someone is lost.
‘We turn ourselves inside-out
For others to see how
We glow in the dark…’
I believe this quote connects to ‘Disappointment’ as they both reflect using pain as a mask to hide ones inner sadness. Theme In the poem it says that the author waited a long time for the person she loved to come back and waited a long time, and then she forgot about him. It is not true. I had a friend who had the exact same thing happen to her, and she said the exact same thing. She waited or 2 years fot this person to come back, and when he didn't, she left. And like in the poem, she would does stuff to keep her mind off him even though she new it wouldn't work. In the poem, she said she has forgotten about the person and that she doesn't want him to come back. This is not true either. She sits around, hoping he will call, but he never will. Personal Response The poem is divided into 5 stanzas, the first two being longer and the last two are shorter. I believe the length of the first two are symbolic in themselves of the slow passing of time. The last two ideas are fairly connected, as in the second last stanza she begins to evoke a sense of longing behind the illusion of the perfect life she's leading and in the final stanza her walls break and she reveals her sense of loss. Structure
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