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If a Tree falls at Lunch Period

Book Talk

Alexandra Barrera

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of If a Tree falls at Lunch Period

By: Gennifer Choldenko
If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
Book Summary
Character Analysis
Kirsten McKenna is in seventh grade and goes to an expensive private school in Northern California. Kirsten has gained thirty pounds over the last four months. It's her first day back to school and her mom, Rachel pulls up in the drop off section. When Rachel see's an African American boy named Walk, all of a sudden she starts chasing the car that the boy came out of. Then one day, Kirsten discovers something that will shock Walk and her forever.
Her best friend, Rory has fallen under the spell of the queen bee, Brianna Hanna-Hines. Rory has even stopped emailing Kirsten and has completely been ignoring her. One day, Rory leaves an envelope on Kirsten's desk and inside the envelope it had A Weight Watcher's Ad.
I would rank this book 5 Stars. I thought this book was breathtaking because there was a very surprising climax, which was really unexpected . I also loved this book because it was told in two perspectives. Kirsten's point of view was told in first person. While walk's point of view is told in third person. In my opinion I enjoy reading books that are read in multiple perspectives because you get to hear from all of the characters' point of veiw. Also, I enjoy reading books that have to do with Family issues .This book is appropriate for ages 10 and up.
Kirsten is going to seventh grade. Her parents have not been talking to each other lately. She has a younger sister named Kippy who is on her side no matter what. Kirsten basically only has to deal with her mother because her father is always traveling for his job and is almost never home.
She is having a little trouble navigating her academic life. Kirsten's mom is always giving her advice how to fit in at school. But Kirsten doesn't want to change who she is so people will accept her differences. Kirsten will rather find friends that will accept her for who she is. As the story goes , Kirsten stays true to herself.
If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
The main character is a girl.
The Main character is a boy named August.
Both Books have more than 1 perspective.
August has a deformed face.
Both August and Kirsten get bullied.
Kirsten is 30 pounds over weight.
August is going into Fifth grade.
Kirsten is going into seventh grade.
Both Kirsten and August want Friends who accept them for who they are.
Kirsten is the oldest in the family.
August is the youngest in the family.
In the end Kirsten and August both find friends that accept them for who they are.
Both August and Kirsten have siblings that support them and love them no matter what.
Compare and Contrast
I would compare this book to Wonder by R. J. Palacio. I will show how the two books are different and the same in a Venn Diagram.
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