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Livin' Life in Luxembourg

The life of the people that live in Luxembourg.

Matt Boschi

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Livin' Life in Luxembourg

LUXEMBOURG By Chaz Hacking
and Matt Boschi The capital of
Luxembourg is
Luxembourg city! The population
of Luxembourg
is 524,853 people. The colors of
their flag is
red, white, and
blue. The weather in the winter the temperature averages in 32 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer
the temperature averages 63 degrees Fahrenheit. The government is a
constitutional monarchy. The main religion is
Roman Catholicism The ethnic groups in Luxembourg in cloud
Indians, Luxembourgers, and Portuguese. In 1999 they joined the
euro currency area. Luxembourg is a land locked country,
that was founded in 963 A.D. If you want to go to
Luxembourg you can
get there by boat and
by plane from the USA. If you go to Luxembourg you
can't stay for more than 90 days in a 180 day period. They get a average of 30
inches of
precipitation in
a year. The economy in Luxembourg has a
moderate growth rate and low inflamation. The main languages in
Luxembourg are French,
German, and Luxembourgish. French
please: s'il vous plait
thank you: merci
yes: oui
no: aucun German
please: gefallen
thank you: danke
yes: ja
no: nicht Luxembourg grows potatoes, wheat,
barley, oats, and fodder crops. Chaz and I couldn't find any
translations in Luxembourgish. A celebration in Luxembourg is
National Day. National day is
celebrated on June 22nd but,
National Day is actually June 23rd. This day is celebrated by a
torchlight parade through
Luxembourg city's center. At one place, people shoot fireworks across
the bridge that crosses over the Petrusse Valley. After the celebration everyone parties in
the streets of Luxembourg City with lots
of food, music, and dancing. They have a lot of animals in Luxembourg
including deer, red fox, hedge hogs, rabbits,
frogs, a lot of birds, and wild boars. Their main national resource
is iron ore. Kids can have fun doing
go to the park, go snorkeling,
and play rugby. Here is a recipe from Luxembourg. Chicken in White Wine - Hong am Rèisleck
For 4 persons:
 1 chicken of about 1.5 kilos
 4 shallots, a clove of garlic, and parsley
 75 gr. butter
 100 gr. cream
 1 egg-yolk
 ¼ liter Riesling, and a small cup of meat stock
 1 tablespoon flour
 1 spirit measure of Cognac
 150 gr. mushrooms
 salt, pepper and a little nutmeg
 2 tablespoons oil
Quarter the chicken, and lightly brown them in half the butter in a stewing pan for about 5
minutes, then season. Put in the shallots, parsley and garlic, finely chopped. Continue to
cook on a low heat.
Flambé the meat with the Cognac, and then pour in the Riesling and the stock. Simmer on a
low heat for thirty minutes.
Chop the mushrooms and fry them lightly in the remaining butter. Then add them to the
pot. A few minutes before the end of the cooking time, blend the flour, cream and egg-yolk.
Pour this sauce over the meat without cooking further, and season to taste.
Serve hot with noodles or dumplings. People in Luxembourg
also celebrate Easter just
like we do. Luxembourg's equivelent to
Christmas is St. Nicolas. Instead of Santa they have
a holy man and his servant
bringing presents to youngters. The holy man wears red and white
and the servant wears black. It is also celebrated on
December 5th instead
of December 25th. A place in Luxembourg Chaz and I
would go is Vianden Castle. We would like to go there
because we like castles and
knights and stuff. The castle is located there. Kids in Luxembourg go to the park,
go snorkeling, and they play rubidge.
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