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The Case of Ciro Castillo Rojo

No description

Mary Arcos Chauca

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of The Case of Ciro Castillo Rojo

¡Ciro was found!
After more than 200 days of being lost in the Colca Canyon in Arequipa, they have found his lifeless body intact at the bottom of a cliff, 1400 meters below a viewing point in the tourist area. They recognized him by his clothes, pink watch, and gold necklace as seen in the last photos we had of him. It took 65 people 30 hours to get his body out of there to leave it in a nearby town.
Investigation into the disappearance of Castillo will determine whether it was a crime
Jesús Fernández Alarcón, president of the Board of Senior Prosecutors in the Judicial District of Arequipa, said that a preliminary investigation will determine whether the disappearance of Ciro Castillo Rojo was a crime, reports El Comercio.
He said that in this case, direct evidence and testimony, as well as material evidence will be used for judicial inquiry.

The Case of Ciro Castillo Rojo
Group Members
Estefany Guerrero Fano
Mary Arcos Chauca
¡Let's Start!
This story started on April 2011, when Ciro and Rosario Ponce López arrived to Arequipa for a Colca Canyon tour. Both were lost in their journey when they were walking in the snowy Bomboya. On the mountains was only rescued alive Rosario on April 13, nine days after reported missing.
"For example, if we find Ciro's blood on Rosario's clothes, or vice versa would have to find an explanation for it. We don't necessarily need the body to reach a conclusion," he told reporters.
In complex cases such as this when the person is not found, research is important because it may show what happened, how the victim disappeared, if he was abandoned and has died, and under what circumstances, he noted.
"There are several hypotheses that we are investigating in this situation," he said.
The circumstances of the disappearance of a person, such as in the case of Castillo, has a legal effect, which means that after a while the process to declare the person gone is initiated.
"After a while, about two years as the law states, the victim is presumed dead for civilian purposes such as heritage, inheritance and others. Parallel investigation continues in front of the public prosecutor to determine whether this disappearance is a crime," he said.
He said that this case involves Rosario López Ponce because she is the last person who was with Castillo and the one who went on the journey with him, "therefore, she is a person who has important information. Her testimony will help us continue in the investigation. "
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