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Bluebeard Analysis

No description

Chris G

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Bluebeard Analysis

By Charles Perrault Bluebeard The fairytale; Bluebeard is about a wealthy aristocrat known and feared because of his ugly blue beard. He has had several wives, but no one is aware what became of them. Bluebeard persuades and eventually succeeds in getting one of his neighbours daughters to marry him. Soon after, Bluebeard announces that he must take leave and gives his wife the keys to the castle. He says she may open every door except for one which she may never be allowed to enter. Overcome with desire, she opens the door to find the floor drenched in blood and the corpses of his ex wives hanging on the walls. Terrified, she drops the key in the blood. No matter how hard she tries, the blood will not come off. Knowing of her fate, she plans to leave but Bluebeard arrives home unexpectedly. Just as Bluebeard is about to kill her and hide her in the room, the wife's brothers arrive and slay Bluebeard. The wife is the closest heir and thus receives all the money, and everyone lives happily ever after (which was always going to happen (fairytales are so predictable)). Female in distress (Bluebeard's wife)
Hero (Wife's brother)
Villain/Evil figure (Bluebeard himself) Setting Like a lot of fairy tales, Bluebeard is set in a natural European environment. More specifically, Bluebeard is set in France and takes place in a medieval castle surrounded by forest. Plot Summary Character Types The main character types are: Language The language used is sophisticated but, unlike other fairy tales, it is not written in Old English. Sentences are phrased so that one believes that it was set at the time, but there is no language that could not be understood by those of the Modern English era. Morals - Curiosity killed the cat
- "Curiosity, in spite of its charm,
Too often causes a great deal of harm.
A thousand new cases arise each day.
With due respect, ladies, the thrill is slight,
For as soon as you're satisfied, it goes away,
And the price one pays is never right."
Charles Perrault
Ladies, you should never pry,—
You’ll repent it by and by!
‘Tis the silliest of sins;
Trouble in a trice begins.
There are, surely—more’s the woe
Lots of things you need not know.
Come, forswear it now and here—
Joy so brief that costs so dear!
Charles Perrault Brooke and Chris
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