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SilverStripe 3: Roadmap Preview

No description

Ingo Schommer

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of SilverStripe 3: Roadmap Preview

Flexible ORM Roadmap* 3.0 Roadmap subject to change,
dependent on
contributions Module
Management Vision For SilverStripe 3.0 and beyond Flexible Templating CMS UI Tweaks ... and more? Performance Data Integrity Separate
Sapphire from CMS Configuration Incremental improvements, based on
real customer feedback.
Less central role for page tree in CMS
No inline editing (yet) jQuery UI Allowing applications without a page tree
But: Framework includes management interfaces Expressive object queries, less SQL CMS components that web developers are familiar with.
jQuery.entwine to hold everything together Finally: More than two arguments to your <% if %> block! Help the database help you:
Foreign Keys, Constraints Startup time, efficient querying Metadata, dependencies, tools
Define the baseline, no web interface (yet) Less statics, more dependency injection.
Still performed by developers in code. ModelAdmin features, Permission model, sake tools,
installer as generic requirements checker, versioned
relationships, static publisher rewrite, device independence,
better REST apis, ... Process Agile Transparent Backlog and status on open.silverstripe.org
API drafts on mailinglist This is a lot of work,
we need your
help. silverstripe.org/contribute Collaborative Features, bugfixes, discussions,
unit tests, browser tests, ...
Allowing for decentralized development
through github.com. Sorry: No wireframes,
no dates. Sapphire as our operating system:
Improve and stabilize the framework
Interface refresh instead of revolution
Custom interfaces shouldn't be that hard
Enable developers to better express data 2007: 2.0, 2.1
2008: 2.2
2009: 2.3
2010: 2.4
2011: 3.0 History Versioned Assets Documents and images
will have a workflow closer to pages. Short iterations, measurable goals.
Backlog with high value features first. Data Grid Make ComplexTableField et al less ... complex! Social Integration of third-party data sources Timing Alpha mid 2011
Stable end 2011
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