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C++ Programming

No description

Perez Nelson

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of C++ Programming

C++ Programming
Perez Nelson

Learning C++ programming is a necessity and we must analyze and understand the different programming languages available such as: HTML, XML, JavaScript
Some Programs have been specifically developed to suit target audiences with particular attributes such as skills, time, learning curve, experience, and the programmers preference.There has also been a wide range of languages developed to help suit students during their learning of C++ programming.
Importance of C++ Programming
Personal Obstacles
Through my course of study, I found it most difficult to create my own program. Having the guidance of a professor always afforded me the opportunity to receive constructive criticism and to improve my skills.
Supplemental Videos
Textbook vs. Instructor
While textbooks are full of valuable information, having a teacher available to explain C++ programming in detail seems to be more beneficial. It is important that students do their own reading prior to class to gain a general understanding of the concept and then allowing your professor or instructor to provide you with hands-on experience and clarification.
Installing Visual Studios 2012
Programming Tutorial for Beginners in Eclipse
Bucky's C++
Code Blocks
Amongst the tools available for students to learn C++ programming with, I highly encourage student to learn as much as possible from their professors. Professors are the most reliable and readily available resource for a student in the process of learning C++ programming.
Unfortunately, many students have difficulty learning a new programming language. After completing extensive research, I have reviewed and compared different ways of learning C++ programming such as books, C++ programming classes, internet publications, and educational videos. According to my research, C++ programming classes remain the number one source of learning closely followed by educational videos. Books and internet publications lack popularity because they do not provide the hands-on interactive component that many students need.
C++ is considered to be the basis of all programming languages. Learning C++ will better you with leveraging and debugging the software platform deep beneath the code. While becoming an expert of C++ does not happen overnight, it is important to have a working knowledge of the programming language so that you can diagnose and understand odd behaviors. It has been said that C++ can open more doors than any other
language in the modern industry.
Online vs. Educational videos
Using online sources can be useful but it all depends on what online sources you use and if they're trustworthy. Sometimes, websites or articles online can convey false information that can have a student confused or studying the wrong materials. A more reliable site or publication would be one that is written and produced by a professor or expert of C++ programming. Educational videos provide a visual learning environment that allows students to go back and review concepts they may not have fully understood initially. Moreover, most videos receive comments from their viewers and it can help guide a student in the right direction of a truly helpful video.
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