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Reading Body Language

No description

Harry Mullanida

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Reading Body Language

Body Language
Body language is a process of non verbal communication.

Positive and Negative Body Language
Social Experiments
>93% of our communication is non verbal. 50-70% of it consist of body language.
About Reading Body Language
Q: How do you read body language?
A: You don't think about it.
Mirroring: The Chameleon Effect Experiment
What is Chameleon Effect?
- refers to non conscious mimicry of the postures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and other behaviors of one's interaction partners.
Power of Touch:
The Pay Phone Experiment
This Experiment was developed by researchers from University of Minnesota.
- It's conveyed subconsciously and/or consciously.
- Affects about 70% of our communication.
What is Body Language
Women can read body language better than men
Reading and Conveying
Non Verbal Communication
Examples of Negative Body Language
1. Crossed Arms
Examples of Positive Body Language
1. Straight Posture
2. Playing with Hair
3. Too Much Eye Contact
2. Taking up Space

3. Leaning
1st Experiment
- Yes, strangers do mimic other strangers.
- Increased Face Touching by 20%
- Increased Feet Waggling by 50%

2nd Experiment
- Yes, mirroring indeed increase likability
- Those who mirrored their subjects scored an average of 6.62 while the other who did not scored 5.91
No touch Approach:
23% admitted and gave back the coin
Touch on the elbow Approach:
68% gave back the coin
Testosterone Level:
The V-Pose Experiment

The v-pose increased testosterone level up to 20%
While the submissive pose decreased testosterone level by 10%
>We are hard wired in reading body language. Though some of us can read body language better than others.
What we've learned:
>Your body language project certain signs that influence how people see you.
>Touch can increase your chance on persuasion.
>Dominant body language can change chemicals in your body.






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