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Line bending

No description

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Line bending

Line bending
How Do You Use a Strip Heater
Wait unitl the strip heater reaches the optimum temperature
Place fold line on plastic into position and turn to prevent burning
Wait until the plastic softens
Bend the plastic
Wait until plastic has cooled
Repeat the process for other fold
Advantages & Disadvantages
Low cost
Suitable for small batch and one-off production

Even with the use of jigs it is still not as accurate as other processes
Not suitable for mass production
Thanks For Watching
What is Line Bending
Line bending involving using a strip heater to melt a strip of thermoplastic sheet material, like acrylic. you do this by holding the thermoplastic over the strip heater.
What Does A Strip Heater Look Like?
The strip heat has a a thin opening at the and two metal rest for the plastic on either side. There is a mains lead one side of strip heater and a dial to ajust the heat on the front as well.
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