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Burlington Bulldogs Red

No description

Ryan Steele

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Burlington Bulldogs Red

Burlington Bulldogs Red
My Hockey Team
Players, Coaches and Goalies
Opponents and Record
Numbers and Names
Players and Parents
Fan Club Siblings
The hockey players on my team are myself, Nolan Herrington, Miller Galbraith, Eric Tarnawsky, Myles Bottineau, Aidan Schultz, Tyler Labanich, Carson Vane, Nicholas Giacomin, Drew Hodgson. Jayson Wilson, Owen Potwarka, Seth Scott, Nathan Eccles and Carson Fowler. The coaches are Ken Steele, Jim Tarnawsky, Colin Brock and Paul Herrington. The goalies are Sam Logue and Fraser Brock.
4 is Laura and Tim Labanich
5 is Sonya and Paul Herrington
7 is Whitney and Roger Giacomin
8 is Candace and Geoff Fowler
10 is Lillian and Jim Tarnawsky
12 is Rebecca and Jay Hodgson
15 is Joanna and Todd Schultz
17 is Darlene and Kevin Scott
19 is Lynne and Ken Steele
30 is Tori and Colin Brock
33 is Heather and Jeff Potwarka
61 is Sarah and Chris Logue
77 is Kerri and Rich Vane
79 is Kerri and Kelvin Galbraith
81 is Alejandra and Darryl Wilson
88 is Debbie and Mark Bottineau
89 is Donna and Jonathan Eccles

4 is Travis Labanich
5 is Ainsley Herrington
8 is Sierra Fowler
12 is Cody and Tanner Hodgson
15 is Sophie Schultz
30 is Teegan Brock
61 is Molly and John Logue
77 is Jack Vane
79 is Levi, Lilly and Sawyer Galbraith
81 is Ma

My record is 9-1. We have won 9 games and only lost 1. We lost against the Waterloo Wolves. We have won the Vaughan Rangers Tournament. We have beat Oakville, Peterborough, Georgetown. I can not remember the rest of the teams that we have played.
4 is Tyler Labanich
5 is Nolan Herrington
7 is Nicholas Giacomin
8 is Carson Fowler
10 is Eric Tarnawsky
12 is Drew Hodgson
15 is Aidan Schultz
17 is Seth Scott
19 is Ryan Steele
30 Fraser Brock
33 is Owen Potwarka
61 is Sam Logue
77 is Carson Vane
79 is Miller Galbraith
81 is Jayson Wilson
88 is Myles Bottineau
89 is Nathan Eccles
This is a symbol of the Burlington Bulldogs.
This is the Burlington Bulldogs mascot.
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