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The Right Of Privacy

No description

Raven Brooks

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Right Of Privacy

This movie is about a girl who wants to see what a new country but the goverment doesn't let her stay with black people and is forced to leave this is a picture about a girl's diary which someone has read If there was no right to privacy everybody will be reading my diary, journal or notes. also the goverment will not make me have have a lock on my door to change or have time to myself. finally I think privacy is important because people get there free time to be calm and cool like a cucumber, people think if there is no one to watch them or play with them for while sometimes they bother you. now I think that sometimes people need privacy and sometimes not. The videos that you just watch are about privacy and how, why, when, and the consequences of their actions. In the Amanda Todd video, there is a boy she likes really badly and ended up to strip naked for him. He put on the picture of Amanda and everyone hated her. Amanda's actions weren't smart and ended up to become suicide. Bella Thorne Zendaya Coleman
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