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the titanic

No description

H c

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of the titanic

One of the many features unlike any other boat, it had water tight compartments, four at a time could be filled with water. Making the design stand out. It wasn't only the advanced design, but the wonderful accommodations that made the titanic such a great ship. Third class was better off than they would be on any other boat. They had private rooms instead of sharing a floor with all the other third class passenger. The dining salons were nice. the titanic by: Mea, Hannah and Oscar Oscar research questions Excluding the size, what made the
Titanic so special? How do plants/bacteria live off the titanic? How did the rich and the poor live on the voyage? This bacteria leaves behind rusticles which look like icicles, but disintegrate on touch. This has no effect on humans, but could leave just a rust stain that was the titanic in as little as 15 years. The Titanic was so special because of its advanced technology such as her 16 watertight doors. It had many luxurious features, such as the grand staircase and first class lounge . There was no boat compared that could compare to their their first class staterooms . Their third class rooms were equivalent to second class on any other boat. First class had it the best. There were many great facilities, meant for first class. There was a swimming pool, smoking rooms, a gymnasium,and two high end restaurants. They had everything from a gymnasium with a punching bag, a rowing machine and an exercise bike to turkish baths, electric baths and a steam room. They also had a squash court, a barber, and 4 places to eat A veranda café, The café parisien, À la carte restaurant and a dining salon. That’s not all, there was a lounge, a reception area, a reading room, a private message room, a pool with a diving board(10 meters by 4.30 meters the largest pool on a liner in 1912) the promenade, for men only there was a smoking room, and there was the grand staircase. A first class parlor suite ticket cost £870 ( $1133.98 Canadian) and a first class berth cost £30 ($39.10 Canadian). A parlor suite had a sitting room attached on to the sleeping room and a berth just had a bed. The grand staircase first class The people living in third class during the voyage were also commonly known as steerage. the third class cabins made on either end of the liner could hold 2-10 people. Before entering the the ship the third class had to have a health inspection. third class A ticket for a child in third class was 3 pounds($4.68 canadian)(today 297.45 pounds). A single adult in third class would be 7 pounds($10.92 canadian) (today: 694.05 pounds). But a family ticket cost 25-40 pounds($39.00-$62.39)(today 2,478.75-3,966.00 pounds). The one thing that first class did not have but third class did was automatic flushing toilets. Even though the third class passengers did not know how to use them. The first class rooms were designed like those of the Ritz hotel. They were very high end and very classy. Second class state rooms didn't have private toilets, but they did have mirrors and sinks. Second class didn't have it that bad either.
They did not have private toilets but they did
have their own mirrors and sinks. Mollusks Out of the 2,224 passengers and crew that were on the titanic, 1,502 people died. About 130 first class died, 166 second class died and 536 third class died. Most of the first class got on most of the lifeboats first. Most of the third class women and children died but most of the women and children in first and second class survived. Only 705 people survived. That was our presentation on the titanic Halomonas titanicae How did the rich and the poor live on the voyage? First Class The first Class passengers had a very luxury life on the ocean journey up until the liner sank. Third class Third class was mostly for the families who were going to Canada or the US for a better life. Most of them came from: Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and England. that's the gym The third class dining salons were nice. They weren't anything special, there wasn't enough room for all of the third class passengers to sit and eat. So they did it in two rounds. Second class didn't have it that bad either.
They did not have private toilets but had
mirrors and sinks. Second class didn't have it that bad either We cannot stop this from happening, and
eventually the Titanic will disintegrate . :( third class first class Undersea creatures called mollusks are eating the Titanic hull wood, leaving it vulnerable for Halomonas Titanicae. This bacteria is part of a family that has never been found this deep in the ocean before. that is the gym This is a water tight compartment first class third class
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