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Alternative Energy

No description

kam kam

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Energy

Exhibitors & Buyer
Place & Space
Like & Dislike
Specific booth
Main Product
Characteristics of place & space usage , design and function
- Idea
- Development
- Quality
- Creative
Specific Booth
Alternative Energy
Human characteristics and behavior
Wood Plastic Composite
Main products
The best profitability
Booth (Like & Dislike)
1. Natthida Srisanguen 5716440275 (23)
2. Patcharaporn Lerlertvichaya 5716440341 (26)
3. Phatthadon Manawat 5716440374 (29)
4. Supalux sumpatapakdee 5716440614 (47)
5. Tharanee Mektananon 5716440747 (55)
6. Thunchanok Nilkham 5716440762 (56)
7. Phandlert Chuprajak 5716441000 (77)
8. Thapond Jarupornpanich 5716441059 (81)
Group members
The world is going through a global energy crisis with endlessly increasing demand, this is an opportune time to invest in renewable energy in order to reduce production cost and improve business advantage for the future
- Zoning Map
- Advisor
- Welcoming
- Active
- Outstanding
- Development
- Quality
- Creative
Solar cell
- Increase the number of advisors
- Increase the sample products
- More decoration
- More Media
Advice and Comments
- More Information
- The advisors know only the basic information
- More Promoting
PTT's Booth
Defence Energy Department's Booth
Natural Colour Compound is a type of plastic resin coloured with natural dyes.
The product is produced with a special technique, resulting in an exclusive design that is also eco-friendly
Thank for your attention
Have a good day :)
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