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sarah cannon

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of sarah cannon

sarah cannon
period 4
stock profits & loss
The reason I chose this company is because I like their clothes.
Abercrombie had been an outfitter of sporting an excursion goods. Petsmart:
I chose this company because of the animals.
Petsmart is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. I got a lot of money off of Abercrombies stock. Petsmart didn't do so good with the stocks. They didn't go much higher from when I started. petsmart didn't do so well in stocks, it was below the line the whole time and never came above.
Abercrombie did very well. At the beginning it started off low but towards the end it shot up. I liked this project because
it will help me when I get older. STOCKS(: If I would change anything about the project it would be checking our stocks more and getting longer to work more on the prject. My advice about the project is that you need to watch closely on your stocks because some can be very difficult.
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