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Permanent Exclusion

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of Permanent Exclusion

Permanent Exclusion
The ultimate sanction
2 Types of PEX
1. Single Incident
2. Long Term - consistent & persistent
Removing personality from the equation...

What did she actually do?
1. Failure to follow instructions
2. Rude/abusive towards staff
3. Failure to accept sanctions for not meeting expectations
4. Failure to recognise the authority of the school
Single Incident vs Long Term
Single Incident - very straightforward...1 bad decision...
Removal from the school community
Pupil Referral Unit: Unit/PRU
Long Term - it's not that simple...
Mr Sutton - defence and the judge
Behaviour Spectrum
'The end is near'
No idea what I am talking about
About 60% of you
How does this relate to you?
Tiffany as a synthesis of all the worst elements

Regularly seeing incidents where the same behaviour patterns are being demonstrated
'it's not that deep', 'you are stretching it' - most incidents involve a simple failure to follow instructions
Rude and/or abusive towards staff
Challenging when given class/Faculty detentions - some of you have to be walked there
'I will do what I want, and you can't stop me' - regular attitude towards school expectations
The 'positive message at the end'...
You can move up and down the spectrum - it is entirely up to you!

You can choose to change!!!
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