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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

No description

Natalie Pellow

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Main Characters
* Maggie * Big Momma
* Brick *Gooper
* Big Daddy * Mae

The protagonist in this play is Maggie. Her loneliness and Brick's refusal to make her his desire, has made her hard, nervous, and mean. Maggie holds the audiences in wonder. A woman desperate in her sense of loneliness, who is made all the more beautiful in her envy, and longing.
The Theme
There are many themes going on in Cat on a hot tin roof. One of the major ones is manliness and homosexuality. Brick cannot deal with his true feelings for his dead friend so he turns to alcohol and instead deals with nothing. For Brick his friendship with Skipper was the only true and good thing in his life.
Conflict And Resolution
Conflict: There are a few conflicts going on a couple of them are marital problems and dealing with feelings. Brick's issues with Big Daddy and his marital problems are there because he has not dealt with his feelings. He has not accepted Skipper's death, let go of the anger he holds against Maggie for sleeping with his best friend, or dealt with his own feelings for his friend. Instead of dealing with these painful things he drinks.

Resolution: the resolution kind of comes at the end when Big Mama tells everyone to shut up, Maggie tells everyone she's pregnant, and she finds a way to get Brick to sleep with her. It leaves you hanging in the end and you never really know how things end or if they get better for Brick.
Cat on a hot tin roof was written in 1955 at a time when people only really believed in the "typical" family. It was a time when society tried to dictate how people live. I believe this play was a huge influence on the outcasts of society at the time because they could relate to it. It also was huge because it made other people think and see how someone in that situation was made to feel/live because of how unacceptable it was back then.
The play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955.
The movie did not win any Academy Awards, it received several nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor (Newman), Best Actress (Taylor), and Best Director (Brooks). The film also received nominations for Best Cinematography, Color (William Daniels), and Best Writing.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
This play is by Tennessee Williams. It focuses on a troubled southern family and the discord of their dying father's money. A wealthy plantation owner called Big Daddy Pollitt celebrates his 65th birthday and is visited by his two sons Brick and Gooper. The father has cancer, but a doctor has deliberately and falsely declared it in remission. Gooper and his wife, Mae have several children and are anxiously expecting to inherit Daddy's money. By contrast, Big Daddy's "favorite," Brick, is a has-been football star who's taken to drinking his days away since the suicide of his best friend a year earlier which we soon find out was more than a friendship. He resents his wife, Maggie because he believes that she had an affair with his deceased friend. As a result, he refuses to sleep with her, although she remains devoted. Because Brick and Maggie don't have any children the father thinks he should leave all of his money to Gooper and Mae. But Maggie attempts to prevent that by telling him that she is pregnant. Big Daddy knows better, but he knows that Maggie loves Brick so much that she would be willing to do anything for him. So when she announces to the family and everyone thinks she's lying Big Daddy and even Brick defend her lie. In the end we are left to wonder about Brick and Maggie's future.
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