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Tayla-Nichola Verwey

on 19 November 2014

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Report abuse

Transcript of http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-13/mother-in-shock-after-

Child abuse.
Article summary
Child abuse must be reported immediately.
What is child abuse?
Mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Mandatory law on child abuse.
Who is mandated to make a report?
The legislation generally contains lists of particular occupations that are mandated to report. The groups of people mandated to notify cases of suspected child abuse and neglect range from persons in a limited number of occupations (e.g., Qld), to a more extensive list (Vic.), to a very extensive list (ACT, NSW, SA, Tas.), through to every adult (NT). The occupations most commonly named as mandated reporters are those who deal frequently with children in the course of their work: teachers, doctors, nurses, and police.

Things we can do.
.Increase the amount/type of people who are required to make a report.
.Larger penalties to make people file a report.
D.H.S ignoring reports?
In the past there have been issues with the department of human services and there ignorance on many reports. This issue is on the way to being history.
If you see abuse being done and choose to do nothing about it, you are just as guilty as the criminal committing the felony.
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