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Dairy farm analogy

No description

Jordan Walker

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Dairy farm analogy

Dairy farm analogy

The mitochondria is the solar farm because in the analogy the solar farm absorbs the suns energy, for the farm to keep working, In real life the mitochondria takes the roll of providing cells with energy.

Mitochondria~ Solar farm
Ribosomes~ Field
The field takes the role of being the ribosomes because the field is where all the cows are together. The ribosomes is where all the protein is put together, Which the cows are the protein in the analogy.
Nucleus~ Farmer
The farmer takes the role of the nucleus because the farmer is the master mind of the farm and what keeps the farm running. Just like how the nucleus is the master mind of the cells.
Endoplasmic Reticulum~ Tractor
The tractor would be the endoplasmic reticulum because the tractor is what holds and carries nearly everything to one place to another on the farm. The endoplasmic reticulum carries materials throughout the cytoplasm just like the tractor.
Golgi apparatus~Vat
The vat is the golgi apparatus because it is where the cows get milked and in the analogy the protein is the cows and the golgi apparatus is where they store the protein in the cells.
The cows are the protein because in the analogy the cows are the cell structure of the story and the role of the protein, is the molecules that form cell structure.
Cell Membrane~ Gate
We put the gate as a cell membrane because the gate is what protects the farm from any unwanted animals or people. The cell membrane is what protects the cells from unwanted symptoms.
Lysosomes~ Cow manure
Cow manure is the lysosomes because lysosomes are what breaks down larger molecules and produces protein that can be reused such as cow manure. In the analogy the cow manure is broken up nutrients that can be reused to produce grass for the cows to eat.
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