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John Green

No description

Lillian Bunnell

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of John Green

John Green
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John Green was born August 24, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana, but grew up in Florida.
Life Being Famous
Inspiration for Books
Early Life
By: Lily Bunnell
MarGo was HEre
All of his books one way or another share a connection with his real life experiences. A lot of the time he creates his characters to be something he either wants to be or has become. Like when he was in a school in Alabama, one of his classmates died, giving a little piece of darkness to some of his books.
He wrote almost all his books according to his location and the stories he had to tell along the way. The books
Paper Towns
and the
Fault in Our Stars
were written in Indianapolis. When he lived in New York he was inspired to write
An Abundance of Katherines
. Then in Chicago, he wrote
Looking for Alaska.
For the book
Paper Towns
the city Algoe, New York is actually a true place. He wanted to bring back how Algoe is hidden and unknown to most people just like the characters in his book.
"You have to get lost before you find yourself"
In high school John Green had known a girl that he liked to call "crazy in the most lovable way." Spending time with this girl and other people with relationships, inspired him to write about the romantic plot twisting story,
Paper Towns.
Adult Life
Starting a new chapter in his life.....

In 2006 John Green married his wife, Sarah Urist.
Has two kids named Alice and Henry Green.
-Paper Towns
38 years
Writes books and spends time with his family
He currently lives in his home town Indianapolis, Indiana

He is a video-blogger, or "vlogger" on YouTube, with his brother
Together they write about life events, and other ways to improve lives of themselves and others
John Green Awards
2006>Looking For Alaska>Michael L. Prints Award

2009>Paper Towns>Edgar Award for Best Young Adult

2012>The Fault in Our Stars>Good Reads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult

2014>This Star Won't Go Out>Goodreads Choice Awards Best Memoir & Autobiography

Loved writing literature
Very nerdy and introvert
Issue in middle school until high school
Mike Green
Sydney Green
John Green
Hank Green
Sarah Urist
Family Tree
John, Sarah & Henry
Henry & John
Began his education at Lake Highland Preparatory School and Indian Springs School
Got teased
Graduated from Kenyon College
Wanted to become a Episcopal priest
Earned a degree in English and Religious Studies
Spent time visiting children at the hospital, which motivated him to become a writer
Some of his first few books were about conjoined twins and religion, things he learned from his time with disabled children
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