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Pine Tar

No description

Emily Sneeden

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Pine Tar

Mystery Guard your territory
The Cabot Koppers
Superfund Site is here
in Alachua County
Look around for
instructive omens Moon Rely on your instincts
Seek to gather knowledge
from other societies. Why did
they fail/fall?
Find cyclic patterns and
influences Six of Poetry
(Cooperation) This requires creative traveling
We are the couriers of
important information
We must all learn we are inter-
connected, and our sensory
embodiment of self inadvertently
causes pollution for all Two of Music
(Contraries) Attraction and Repulsion
are necessary to human existence
Focus on strengthening partnership
We need to work together in our
community of Alachua County
to work toward well-being Seven of Music
(Fancies) We must face the challenges
of immediate vs. long-term
While something may taste good,
at what cost are we willing to
supply it? Nature We must be aware of
natural forces at work
and not become seduced
by the illusions of
materialism, if we are to
promote well-being Ace of Music
(Passion) We must feel a passion for life
and understand that it dwells
among all of us. If we pool
our creativity together, great
things are possible Seven of Painting
(Patience) We will experience tests and
trials and we must assess our
resources. It is just as important
that we have input from local
residents support of effort as it
is that we have the scientific
and engineering background Woman of Painting I am here to:
1. Make use of
2. Support and
acknowledge the
of others 3. Foster
the arts Five of Painting
(Hardship) Realize that the problems
you are trying to solve may
put you at odds with others
who do not recognize your
value (clap your hands and sing)
Who ate the pepper and used
the pine tar?
You ate the pepper and used
the pine tar.
Who me?
Yes you!
Couldn't be!
Then who?
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