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To Create A Costume For The Play "The Woman In Black."

The aim of my project is to explore different desgins to help me create an outcome for a costume to be used in a GCSE production of the play "The Woman In Black".

Caitlin Docherty

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of To Create A Costume For The Play "The Woman In Black."

To Create A Costume For The Play
"The Woman In Black" Why Did I Chose This Title?.. I chose this title because:
Also it reflects one of the area of interest which I would like to explore as a career later on in life. I chose this title because:

It reflect the aim of my project My Aim:
To explore different designs to help me create an outcome design for a costume to be used in "The Woman In Black" How does my project link to other areas of intrest ... Fashion Desginer Relavance And Value:
Where can it lead to and how can it improve my knowledge? Costume Desginer For Films/Musicals Prosthetics Make Up Artist I like art I like designing I like theatre Well.. How did I start my project? Websites
People How did I apply my research into my project... From my research I found out what my charater looked like, so i appled this information into my mask/ make up desgins. I found out what colour and style my dress design needed to be in I also found out my character wears a bonnet, so to complete my design, and to complete my project, I needed to create a bonnet. I had to think about the steps i needed to take, and they where... Research
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