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Brady Bill

No description

Brittany Stankavich

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Brady Bill

Major Provisions When was this passed? Proponents Arguments The Brady Bill was named after Jim Brady who was shot during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. Jim Brady was shot in the head and thenceforth partially paralyzed for life. Had the shooter had a background check, it could have been prevented. Why? opponents funded law suites in nine states against the bill
the NRA states the act as unconstitutional, because it required local law enforcement officers to conduct background checks against the tenth amendment.
The Supreme Court in 1997 determined the local background checks were against the concept of federalism. Opponents Arguments Controversies The constitution states that whatever isn't specified goes out to the states and in 1997 the Supreme Court sided with the states leaving gun control up to them. Issues of Federalism Issues with Fed. and State Governments 1. Makes it unlawful for anyone under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment over 1 year to transport firearms in interstate commerce
2. transfers by unlicensed dealers not in the business of dealing firearms are not subject to the Brady Bill.
2. A person must have a background check to purchase a gun from a licensed merchant. Examples that would prevent a person from being allowed to purchase guns include:
if the consumer is a fugitive from justice
is an unlawful user of any controlled substance
has been convicted of a felony.
an illegal alien Publicly discussed in 1987
introduced to the House of Representatives February 22, 1993
Passed by House of Representatives on November 24, 1993
Signed into law by President November 30, 1993 during 1994-2009, 1.9 million attempted fire arm purchases were blocked
President Reagan states "It would provide a crucial enforcement mechanism to end the honor system of the 1968 gun control act
Reagan's attempted assassination was a large component of this bill being passed
The provisions would make it hard to make fake potentials for those trying to obtain guns. This was a very controversial bill because it had many opponents including nine state. It violated the 10th amendment and deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
Even now, gun control laws are being discussed and are a heavily debated topic among society. The state governments have to handle these background checks forced upon them by the government while the federal government deals with problems of the bill violating the 10th amendment and also possibly having to resort to bribery for state cooperation. Proponents More liberal ideas were put into this bill and so they were the big proponents. Opponents The opponents consisted of mostly conservatives because they believed it infringed on their rights. Other Relevant Issues Obama outlines a series of 23 executive actions that will help prevent gun violence and mass shootings.This includes incentives for schools with officers, addressing issues with disclaiming mental health reports for background checks, and clarifying that it is not prohibited for doctors to ask patients if they have guns at home.
New York bans assault rifles purchases Effectiveness Our group believes the Brady Bill was effective by getting background checks performed by the states and stopped many people from illegally obtaining weapons. However, it was not effective in ending all gun related violence because Columbine still occurred under the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill
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