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science : magnifying glass presentation

About my reaseacrh on magnifying Glasses and a presentation

Amin Syafiq

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of science : magnifying glass presentation

Magnifying glass History Inventor Inventor Made with Made by AWESOME FACE!!!!! History 2 History 3 History 1 Function 1 Function 3 Function 2 Functions The function of magnifying glasses are to magnify certain small objects if necessary to see the world in a better way. An example would be to use it to examine an ant crawling into its ant hole or a tree maggot on a tree
(obviously) A magnifying glass can be helpful for people
who wish to glimpse at the microscopic
naunces of an object . The magnifying glasses are one of the oldest devices used to improve sight.Historians(sejarawan) seem to agree that Romans were the first to discover glass in the first century AD. The Romans probably looked through the glass and discovered it looked larger.They experimented with different shapes and found that glass that was thicker at the center and thinner on the outside magnified the object that was being observed. Roger Bacon, an Englishman and a lecturer at the university of Oxford. Prezi.com Amin Syafiq by AminSyafiq The convex lens in a magnifying glass enlarges objects to a better view whats in
one's line of vision. The Egyptians had discovered and almost clear crystal ,called obsidian to view small objects like a grain of sand, rice, an ant or the markings on your hand. They also discovered that the suns rays could be concentrated sufficiently to start a fire. They called these glasses "burning glasses". These glasses were similar to the shape of lentils, and so the word "lens" comes from the
latin word for lentil. TIADA KENA MENGENA TIADA KENA MENGENA TIADA KENA MENGENA During the 16th century the first primitave microscopes were invented using multiple
lenses and so a new industry was born. magnifying glasses were continued to be used for low levels of magnification, when compared
to the magnification ability of the microscopes.
Soon the telescopes were invented using different lenses that were just arranged differently within a tube.. Born in the early 1200s, most often receives credit for the first know use or descriptions
of a magnifying glass or lens. Credits Email : sezlux@gmail.com written with sketchy theme
@Prezi.com Thank you TERIMA KASIH ni betul2 habis... an example of a magnifying glass
not uncommon in certain shops. lawak je tadi.... :D jangan marah saja....
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