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Radicalism - IR Theory

No description

Luisa Parraguez

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Radicalism - IR Theory

Baghdad, Iraq
1998: Saddam Hussein's
Government is accused of
having WMDs and blocks U.N.
March 17, 2003:
48-hour ultimatum for
Saddam Hussein's
Government to leave
March 19, 2003:
Decapitation attack
April 9, 2003:
Iraqi regime falls
: opposing
The World reacts to the invasion of Iraq:

Marxism in I.R. Theory
Marxism is sometimes referred to as "radicalism"
A socio-political economic theory based on
Class Analysis
Founded on the mid 19th Century ideas of
Karl Marx
(1818-1883) &
Friedrich Engels

Why is there injustice and wars?
Mode of production:
economic activities that are necessary to satisfy the material needs of society & economic organization
Historical Materialism:
based on a materialist conception of history
A federation of states where sovereignties would be left intact. -Kant
The universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human governance. -F. Fukuyama
bourgeoisie vs. proletariat
Has property & controls production (technology)
The Proletariat provide the labor for production
Class struggle & class consciousness
Dialectical concept of history:
Revolution / Socialism / Communism
Is Marxism dead?
Communist Manifesto (1848)
Das Kapital I,II, III (1867-1894)
Prof. Luisa Parraguez
Thank you!!
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