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No description

Pratik Vohera

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Ideate

How to get the JOB once study gets over?
Turning Studies into Professional courses
Preparation for Aptitude Tests
Joining Training Institutes
Problem Statement :
Priyal, an under graduate who needs a focused way to get the job and continue the hard work which she did in academics and love to repeat in professional world because she want to learn, proves herself best in the industry, earn respect and money as well.
Helping mates for geting work
Trading skills on various Platform
Connecting with peers to explore skills
Studies making Solutions
Making work more fun / Enterprenaurs
Approach Companies
Perform Mock Interviews
Appearing Competitive Exams
Turning curriculam to focused study
Pursue Technical Trainings
Getting Job Awareness
Fruitfull Internship turning into JOB
Appear in WalkIns & Jobfairs
Gathering Feedback of work done
Checking feasibility for doing job
Participate in Seminars / Webinars
Expectation of companies
College/state level competitions
Approaching Consultants
Finding Performance Based JOBS
Improve Additional Skills
Evaluate skills with Professionals
Professional resumes
Highlight resumes in social media
Increasing Knoweldge
Approach Companies
Technical certifications
Paid Projects to get practical Expertise
Career Counseling
Work Ethics
Importance of a JOB
Awarenessof JOB at starting of the Carreer
Practical Exposure of learning while studying
Logical flexibilities of studies
Carrier oriented Courses
Recruitment Centers
Changing culture of Institutions
Skill based Jobs
Performance oriented Work
Setting Professional Goals
Changing Nature
Being at age 5
Obvious way
Unlimited budget
Spending Money
Showing Potentials to Employer
Contributing to knowledge sources
Sharing experience with seniors/friends

Creating Network
Work Attitude
Pre-Interview check
Feasibility at work location
Work Culture of the Employer
Sending Resumes
Hiring Tutors
Buzz on New Jobs
Consultants / Recruitment Firm sign up
Other Skills enhancements
Virtual Recruitment
Recruiting Team instead of person
Start Carrier while Studying
Practical Exposure of learning while studying
- A way for students to get an exposure to the world for creating/experimenting their knowledge and making them creative before they start their actual professional carrier.

Studies making Solutions
- Creating a Platform, where students create solution applying their regular studies (Applied studies). This way, Student can find out the their thinking abilities, thought clarity

Evaluate skills with Peers
- Students/professionals need to evaluate themselves with known rubrics and finding out their strengths. Getting help from friends/colleagues/other sources to get relevant JOBs.

- Same way Professional can check their capabilities using various rubrics to get their competitive area of work
Self Improvements
Evaluate skills with Peers
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