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Spanish Influence on Texas

No description

Leilani Tsao

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Influence on Texas

Spanish Influence on Texas
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Spanish Influence
After the spanish settled and claimed Texas, many Spanish people stayed in Texas and Spanish culture, including food and clothing, developed in Texas, especially in San Antonio, where many street, landmarks, and city names are spanish.
7 types of influences
The Spanish influenced Texas in different cultural ways.

- Food
Tex-Mex Food, including restaurants like:

- Pappasitos
-Casa Ole
-El Tiempo
-And many more!!!
- Baja Jackets
- Poncho
- Mexican Boots
- Sombrero
The Spanish also introduced a new religion, Catholicism, into Texas. At first the religion was an excuse to have the Native Americans to hold Texas for Spanish crown. They had to beat the French to Texas.
Spanish was the major language that they spoke, obviously, since they were Spanish.
Many names in Texas are Spanish
- San Antonio
- Guadalupe Peak
- Rio Grande R.
- El Paso
- San Marcos
- Also people's names, such as Maria, Cruz, Jose, Ariana, etc.
Many holidays also were adapted into Texas by the Spanish.
- Cinco de Mayo
- Feliz Navidad (Christmas)
Holidays and Celebrations
Presentation by Leilani Tsao
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