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Sandra's migration trip

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Sandra's migration trip

Sandra's migration trip
I love to migrate.YAY!
It was the year 2011 and my name is sandra.I migrated to mexico from paris.I landed in san diego and my mom drove to mexico city.I migrated to mexico for more opportunity's and a better life.
I got there on an airplane in paris.It was a very fun and long trip.I saw brianna in the middle seats next to me.I went with my family we bought big size takis for my family and friends. We also bought some punch with ice.
I want to live in mexico city to get a home there.I saw brianna again in a store buying big size takis and helping a puppy find its home.The owner of the puppy was brianna's cousin.I went there to expore the city because i never went there.
i faced a lot of challenges by trying to find a home and my family.it was hard to find a home because sometimes we can't afford a house.
when i got there i went to a mexican restaurant with my family and friend to eat and celebrate my birth day.i was turning 4 and i was super excited and i got my first book.
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