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OPWP 4 December 2016

No description

Ameer Abdulhussain

on 4 December 2016

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Transcript of OPWP 4 December 2016

HSE Monthly Update
Gas Consumption per MWh - MIS
OPWP constantly strives to ensure that the latest projects procured provides a greater Gas Consumption per MWh generated ratio.
Contact Information
2016 - Procurement Activities & Expected Project Milestones

+968 24 508 400
+968 24 399 946
Water Production
For the month of October, 2016, the average desalinated water produced by OPWP projects equaled to around 801 Thousand cubic meters per day.
Daily Peak Demand - Main Interconnected System
MIS peak demand for electricity reached
MW on 12 of June 2016.
Current Ongoing Tenders
Tender 17-2016
Request for Qualification leading to the Development of IPP at Misfah

Tender 18-2016
Request for Qualification leading to the Development of Khasab IWP

Tender 21-2016
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Technical and Economic Advisory Services for the Development of a Solar IPP

Tender 23-2016
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Ad Hoc Legal Advisory Services

For more information kindly ask to speak to our Procurement Supervisor
Last update: 27 November 2016
Daily Peak Demand - Dhofar Power System
DPS peak demand for electricity reached
MW on 26 of May 2016.
Last update: 27 November 2016
Last update: 30 October 2016
Last update: 27 November 2016
Last update: 2 November 2016
Member of Nama Group

OPWP is currently working on 16 separate I/WPPs. Within 2016, it's planned that two of them (Ghubrah IWP, & Barka I Phase II (Water)) achieved COD in Q1 of 2016 .
Gas Consumption - MIS
Total gas consumption in MIS at the main power & desalination plants in 2015 was about 7.4 billion Sm3.
Up to September, 2016, the gas consumption in MIS reached 5.55 billion Sm3.
Last update: 2 November 2016

Human Resources
Ruwad program is considered one of the programs to develop high potential leaders within Nama Group.
Following the successful launch of Ruwad II to identify the high potential talent across the Nama Group. 257 candidates applied to the program and we are proud to announce that the below are OPWP Ruwads:

1. Muna Khalfan Al Rawahi
2. Naif Ali Hamed Al Abri
3. Yousuf Al Busaidi
4. Juhaina Mahfoodh Al Farsi
5. Abdullah Rashid Al Sawafi
Energy News From Around the World
Last update: 28 November 2016
The Islamic Republic of Iran officially signed up to World Energy Charter on Friday during the visit of Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian to Japan.

Chitchian signed the document in a ceremony held on the sidelines of the 27th Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference.

The Conference brought together non-observer countries and other international organizations to confer on the issues of strengthening energy security by better mobilization of global energy architecture, addressing climate change and its impacts on Asia as well as challenges and opportunities for better global energy future.
Iran joins World Energy Charter
Source: MEHR News Agency. Posted on November 26, 2016.
The emergence of floating wind power in France took another step forward earlier this month when the government announced two winners to a call for floating wind pilot plants.
Two pre-commercial pilot projects, each of 24 MW, will be built out under terms of the tender in independent locations.

Jean Mathieu Kolb, the project director for ENGIE, told Renewable Energy World: “This project intends to quickly put floating wind farms on the map as a competitive energy source and part of the overall energy mix for France.”

Floating wind technology has been adopted by France as holding great potential for offshore development in light of the depths of waters around the nation. Engie has stated: “Floating wind turbines are an up-and-coming technology that can be installed in deeper, very windy water far from the shore. France’s

Engie plans to have the turbines commissioned in 2020.
France Gears Up for Floating Wind
Source: Renewable Energy World. Posted on November 23, 2016.
Last Update 6 November 2016
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