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Copy of Copy of FYS-Nursing: HEALTHY LIFESTYLES

No description

Kristen Kaminski

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of FYS-Nursing: HEALTHY LIFESTYLES

Stress Management
Healthy Lifestyles
Why is sleep important?
Sleep allows your brain to "recharge". About 8 hours of sleep is necessary to carry our daily functions. However, as college students, 8 hours may not always be possible. As a result, insomnia (or difficulty sleeping) may occur affecting both academic & personal lives.

Loss of sleep results in "sleep debt". The amount of time not spent sleeping has to made up somewhere - during the day, during class, during work. Staying awake all night causes a sleep debt of 7-9 hours. Those 7-9 hours will then have to made up something during the day, causing production to decrease.
What is stress?
how much sleep do I need?
Mental health is the combination of mental wellness & mental firmness that allows you to flourish.
People with mental health are able to enjoy life. Courage, hope, honesty, positive self-talk, perseverance, positive work ethic & OPTIMISM are some of the characteristics of a person with well mental health. Other characteristics include positive body image, stress management & respect towards others.
what does your diet consist of?
prepare your own meals, don't eat out as much
control how much salt & sugar you put into your food
eat a balanced breakfast!
set up a grocery shopping list consisting of fresh & unprepared foods
cooks meals ahead of time & freeze for later
don't skip meals - eat 3 average size meals a day
don't shop on an empty stomach - the temptation is great
replace junk food with healthier snacks like nuts, fresh/dried fruits, oatmeal bars, peanut butter crackers
bring your own snacks instead of buying from the vending machine
research healthy recipes online
look for alternatives to salt & sugar - no salt seasoning, herbs, lemon, honey, cane sugar
stop eating 1-2 hours before bedtime
Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet
start an exercise regimen
balance between cardio, weights & aerobics
do a variety of exercises
workout in the morning
hydrate with water or Powerade/Propel/Gatorade
set up a schedule
reward yourself with a HEALTHY meal or snack
Set yourself up for success!
play the game @
approximately 7-9 hours
Stress is a response to a demand that is placed on you.
During stress, one experiences physical symptoms such as anxiety, increased heart rate, higher blood pressure & muscle tension. One needs a certain amount of stress to act. This stress is short-term & allows you to relax once it is over. However, if one fails to relax, the build up of stress can lead to mental & physical exhaustion & illness.
Mental Health
pay attention to your needs & wants
take care of yourself
participate in activities you enjoy
take the time to accomplish goals you have set
reward yourself & treat yourself well
keep your living space clean & tidy, fill it with items you love
take the opportunity to learn something new & share your talents
Building Self-Esteem
maintain a healthy diet
eat healthy foods & exercise regularly
list 5-10 special qualities about yourself (intellect, positive, organized, funny)
wear clothes that are comfortable & make you feel good about yourself, be MODEST
take care of yourself
Building a Better Body Image
UT Arlington Services for Health & Wellness
Campus Recreation
Maverick Activities Center
Health Services
605 S. West Street
Relationship Violence & Sexual
Assault Prevention Program (RSVP)
101R MAC
24 Hr Hotline - 817-272-0260
Coordinator: 817-272-9250
Counseling Services
305 Ransom Hall
590 calories!
Portion sizes of our foods have increased.
So have our waist lines.

About 65% of Americans are overweight or obese
today, compared with 45% in the early 1960s.
Portion Distortion
Portion Perfection
Eating with one other person decreases how much we eat by 30-35%
Switching from short, wide glasses to tall glasses can reduce your liquid calorie intake
Slow down by using chopsticks to eat your meal
Use everyday objects to help estimate your portions
A teaspoon of but-ter or margarine is roughly the same size as the tip of your thumb (to the first joint)
Three ounces of meat is equal to a deck of cards
One cup of pasta is about the size of a
tennis ball
One bagel is about the size of a hockey puck
1.5 ounces of cheese is the size of three dominoes
Two tablespoons of peanut butter is roughly equivalent to a ping-pong ball
A half cup of vege-tables is the size of a light bulb
Sidewalk Chalk


Crayons (melt old or new crayons down and more into molds for personalized crayons)

Color books (or print coloring pages from online)

Babydoll or stuffed animal sleeping bags

Spongeballs for Bath Time!

Teddy bears

Dinosaur tails for imagination play

Superhero capes

Eggs full or small toys (think plastic dinosaurs, army men, Legos, etc)

Eggs full of colorful goldfish or cheerios

Pencils and stationary

Art supplies

Salad in a Jar
Tips to Promote Sleep


Lack of Sleep
Jumbled words or suddenly dislexic
Falling asleep in class
Dozing off while driving home
Bad moods
Not caring
Lower grades
Kills sex drive
Aging of skin
Weight gain
Side Effects
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