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Arrival of a Convoy"

No description

Mollie Fisher

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Arrival of a Convoy"

"Arrival of a Convoy", by the remarkable artists, David Olère
Famous artists who were victims of the Holocaust/ painted about events
Artists who survived
All but one of the artists listed before were all survivors of the holocaust, except for one. Felix Nussbaum was an early painted in life to try and earn money to provide for his family. When Nazi's gained control over Germany in 1933, he soon realized that because of his Jewish heritage, he could not remain at the art academy he was at, and began to live his life in fear. This began to show through all of his paintings. His wife and himself spent the next ten years of their lives in exile, where they had extremely isolated and emotional time. But, during that period, it was his most artistically productive part in his life.

After being arrested by German police in 1940, his wife and himself were able to escape and lived their life in hiding for four years. Eventually, they were found hiding in an attic and arrested and send to a concentration camp in Auschwitz. Only a week later, Felix was murdered at the age of 39 by German forces
Art Piece Chosen: Arrival of a Convoy
Analyzing The Piece
*Weren't physically in the holocaust, but drew paintings from stories.
David Olère
*Thomas Hart Benton
Josef Nassy
Esther Lurie
Felix Nussbaum
*Aldo Carpi
Fernand Van Horen
Yehuda Bacon
Fritz Cremer
Josef Elgurt
“Arrival of a Convoy” was one of the many paintings
of the amazingly gifted artist, David Olère.
The picture illustrates a heart breaking
and dark photo of an officer looking over a
group of concentration camp men, struggling
as they push a cart of dead bodies from a
convoy to be burned as a new convoy
approaches the camp in the background.
Living Memorial to the Holocaust,
New York. A new convoy arrives in the background as inmates struggle with a cart
carrying away cadavers from a previous convoy. David Olère: L'Oeil du Témoin/
The Eyes of a Witness. New York: The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, 1989, p. 13.
Reprinted with permission from the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation.
The new convoy arriving with more prisoners
German Officer holding a whip
Prisoners of the concentration camp
Bodies of Jewish men and women killed at their arrival to the concentration camp.
Lookout tower at the concentration camp
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