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cloud computing, it just works.

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on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of cloud computing, it just works.

cloud computing, it just works. Cloud computing is a strategy for sharing access to computing resources, that can be servers, software, storage, via the internet. Now think about what a big difference it would make if you could apply this to your work life. Agility Reliability Scalability Accessibility Cost Friendly You can access your applications from any device, at any location Files in the cloud are backed up multiple times and the servers have redundant copies. Here Here Instantly adjust storage capacity to meet your needs. You no longer need to add internal infrastructure or that staff to manage it. In cloud, you only pay what you need under a subscription. -Services delivered via the internet.
-Easily customizable based on what you need.
-Your needs determine what you pay.
-All you need is an internet connection and web browser. Further more: There is much debate whether this is the actual origin of the term, as the concept has been floating around since the 60's. But ,the first trademarked application using the term was an educational service in 1997 by the now obsolete NetCentric. "Cloud" was used as a metaphor for the internet in an MIT paper published in 1996 which discussed the theory of cloud computing. This presentation was created in the Cloud, using Google Docs & Prezi. "The cloud has enabled us to be more efficient, to try out new experiments at a very low cost, and enabled us to grow the site very dramatically while maintaining a very small team," said Ryan Park, operations engineer for Pinterest, at the Amazon Web Services Summit "In addition to easy scalability, Amazon has also provided Pinterest with the ability to pay only for the resources it needs, which saves the company money. Most of Pinterest's traffic happens during the afternoon and evening hours in the U.S. It uses AWS' autoscaling feature so that more instances are added during the day when traffic is heavy, and excess instances are removed at night." - Jacob Jackson, IDG News Service Software as a Service (SaaS) The cloud is perfect for iterative work. Developers can quickly obtain access which enables them do more experimentation, quickly Ashley Mennel
Cloud Computing @AppAshley
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