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Weekly Review 1-7.04.2017

No description

Anna Bendrat

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Weekly Review 1-7.04.2017

The Russia/Flynn/Freedom Caucus vortex of questions and tension at the White House


It’s O.K., California. Breaking Up Isn’t Hard
to Do.
Victoria Beckham spices up 'Carpool Karaoke'
L. Jace Killsback, the president of the Northern Cheyenne: “We’d really be contradicting what our ancestors stood for, we’d be contradicting the reason why the Creator made us, and that was far more important to us than having a coal mine on our reservation.”
Tribes That Live Off Coal

Hold Tight

to Trump’s Promises
An impasse between House moderates and Freedom Caucus members prompted the withdrawal last week of a bill to replace Obamacare that was supported by GOP leaders and the President. The White House accused the conservative group of moving the goalposts during negotiations
The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia
Crow Agency, Mont., on the Crow Indian Reservation, where the main resource is coal. “A lot of people are not Trump fans here,” said the tribe’s chief executive, Paul Little Light. “But we would be his best friends if he brought back coal.” Credit
a #Calexit vote
“We should explore creating more states so we have a democracy that’s closer to the people,” said Scott Baugh, a former Republican assemblyman who met with Mr. Banks and Nigel Farage when they were in Orange County to receive an award. California has nearly 40 million people and is growing. At what point is the population too large for a single state? he wondered in a recent interview.
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