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Life and works of Jose Rizal in London, 1888-1889

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kris Amor Capinda

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Life and works of Jose Rizal in London, 1888-1889

Life and works of Jose Rizal in London
1) To improve his knowledge
on the English language
2) To study and annotate Morga’s
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas
3) London was a safe place
to for him to carry on his fight
against Spanish tyranny
Rizal's reasons for staying
Trip across the Atlantic
• On board the ship, City of Rome
• Rizal befriended with the other passengers of different nationalities(European, American)
• The American and European passengers were amused of his marvelous skill in using yo yo (a small wooden disc attached to a string from a finger) as a weapon.
• While on board, Rizal met several American newspapermen with whom he discussed current social and political issues
He reached Queenstown in Ireland on May 24, 1888
He embarked on ferry boat going to Liverpool, England
Travel by a train to London on May 25, 1888
Grand Hotel Minland
#37 Chalcoat Crescent, Primrose Hill, owned by Becket Family
He stayed for a week at a house in Beresford Road
Persons met by Rizal in London
Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor
A wealthy man and a practising lawyer who was exiled on 1872.
Dr. Reinhold Rost
Introduced to him through a letter from Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt
Director of the library of the India Office and the best authority of Malayan customs and languages
Good and Bad news from his Home
Persecution of the Filipino patriots in Manila and the surrounding towns being involved in the Anti-friar Manifesto of 1888.
The Calamba agrarian trouble of 1888 in which the tenants, including the Rizals, were being persecuted by the hacienda management.
Manuel T. Hidalgo (husband of Saturnina), Rizal’s brother-in- law, was exiled to Bohol.
Another brother-in-law, Mariano Herbosa (husband of Lucia), was denied of Christian burial because of the malicious rumor that he had not confessed since marriage.
A friend of Rizal, Laurencio Viado, a medical student at the UST, was imprisoned because of owning a copy of Noli Me Tangere.
The only good news was Rev. Father Vicente Garcia’s defense of the Noli.
He called Rizal “a pearl of a man” (una perla de hombre) as he was impressed by his learning and character.
Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas
Book written by Dr Antonio de Morga
one of the most important works on the early history of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines
published in 1609
Dr. Antonio de Morga
a Spanish lawyer and a high-ranking colonial official in the Philippines, New Spain and Peru.
He was also a historian.
Rizal devoted much of his time in annotating the work of Dr. Morga
It was considered as Rizal’s greatest achievement in London
He frequented the British Museum where he patiently copied the text by hand and made his annotations.
This laborious task made was prompted by his desire to rectify some of the points written by Dr. Morga, so that the Filipinos would have a clear understanding of the history of their country.
The annotation of Rizal on Dr. Morga’s book was later published in Paris in 1890.
Christmas in London
Rizal spent his Christmas in London and New Year’s Eve
Rizal spent his Christmas with the Beckett family Primerose Hill.
Rizal reflected on the true meaning of Christmas, not as a mere holiday but a remarkable day to remember Christ’s birth.
Romance With Gertrude Beckett
Rizal had a romantic interlude with the oldest of the three Beckett sisters, Gertrude Beckett.
“Gettie,” was a buxom English girl with brown hair, blue eyes and pink cheeks.
She was attracted to Rizal and had always loved to be with him.
and our hero, being away from home, in turn, found a little inspiration with the English girl.
Adios to London
Rizal was forced to leave London because Gertrude’s love for him has turned serious.
He could not take advantage of her affection and she would not be happy because Rizal was in love with Leonor Rivera.
He decided to move to Paris so she may forget him.
Before leaving London, he carved several fine sculptural works:
Prometheus Bound
The Triumph of Death over Life
The Triumph of Science over Death
Sacred heart of Jesus
In the middle of March, 1889, Rizal departed for Paris. He was sad as he crossed the English Channel for he had many beautiful memories of London.
March 1889, jose Rizal decide to go in Paris, France after his short stay in London.
Opening of International Exposition in Paris which is intended to accomodate the french independence.
January 28, 1890 he moved to Brussels, belgium with his uncle Jose Alberto
#38 Rue Phillipe Champagne owned by jacoby sisters.
Write his second novel entitled El Filibusterismo, a sequel to his Noli Me Tangere
To assist in a local clinic and to write articles for La Slidaridad
He also experienced the persecution of his family and town mats back in Calamba
In a letter of his brother paciano, he was informed of the petition to evict the tenants filed before the justice of the peace.
His brother told him that at first they were hoping for favorable judgement but case can only be done in the Supreme Court in Spain.
He was a bit hesistant to attain justice
News came from Saturtina on June 2, 1890.
Saturtinas's husband manuel was deported again, and worse, was arrested while he was eating with his family on the very day of Christmas.
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