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The Five Themes of Tanzania

Mr. Manns 4th period

Grace Varner

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Tanzania

are 8
and 60
east. Tanzania is a beautiful and fun place. It has flat planes, high mountains, lakes and long rivers. All in their country there's desserts, beaches and savannah.
Tanzania also has a lot of wild life. There's zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, chimps, lions, monkeys, elephants, cranes, cheetahs and ostriches. Physical Characteristics of Tanzania There is also a lot of plant life. There's plant life like the African Violet, Baobab trees, banana trees, wild flowers and much more. Human Characteristics of Tanzania The people in Tanzania have a variety of religions. Muslim And Christianity are followed by 2/3 of the population. the other third just follows other religions or no religion. But what ever religion they follow they strongly follow it. Tanzanian food has a lot of variety also, they have a bunch of fruits, meats, and milk products. Groundnuts and cassava became part of the Tanzanians diet when the Portuguese introduced it to them. They don't have a lot of people that consume meat dishes. Movement in Tanzania In Tanzania they export a lot of chemicals, crops and cotton. They import fuel, steel and vehicles. Since Tanzania is such a poor country the world is influenced to go and serve there. There are many issues involving the environment in Tanzania. One is deforestation, the people in Tanzania need shelter. So to get that shelter they have been cutting down the trees, this is the cause of deforestation.
Another environmental problem in Tanzania is pollution. The Tanzanians are deposing of there wastes by putting them in the rivers. This is making the water in the rivers dirty so they cannot drink it. The human environment in Tanzania is actually a negative because it is hurting the environment. Human Environment Interaction Region Tanzania is in the African region of the world. It is included in this region because in Africa they all have the same kind of life style. Tanzania Tanzania is in the eastern hemisphere on the continent of Africa. It is on the mid- eastern part of Africa with Kenya north of it and Zambia and DR Congo to the west of it and Mozambique to the south of it. Location The End
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