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Copy of Battles of the Civil War

a brief description of the important battles of the Civil War

Paul Clontz

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Battles of the Civil War

Important Battles of the Civil War
Fort Sumter
Began at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861
Very few deaths overall
Union started this battle
Emancipation Proclimation
President Lincoln declared this staement
Stated that all slaves must be freed
Wasn't succesful- declared law on forgein country
President Lincoln declared in 1863 that all slaves must be freed. This proclimation didn't really free anyone, as any state that still had slaves was no longer in the Union.
Fought December 11-15, 1862
First urban combat
Almost 18,000 deaths
The battle at Fredericksburg was one of the largest and deadliest of the Civil War Battles. There were almost 18,000 casualties. Robert E. Lee led the Confederacy to victory in this battle
1st Battle of Bull Run
Confederate Victory!
Fought on July 21, 1861
First real major conflict of the American Civil War
A Union army of 28,000 fought 33,000 confederates and lost
Confederate Victory!
This battle proved that there wasn't going to be a one sided war for either side as predicted. The Confederacy had a spurred sense of victory and the Union had a feeling of revenge.
Battle of Antietam
Confederate Victory!
Union Victory!
Fought on September 17, 1862
The bloodiest one day battle in American histoy
There were 12 hours of savage combat
This battle led Abraham Lincoln's issurance of the prelimanary Emancipation Proclamation. The Battle of Antietam was a part of the Maryland Campaign of 1862.
Union Victory!
Fought July 1-3, 1863
There were 51,112 casualties
It was the most costliest battle in the Civil War
This battle was a turning point in the Civil War. The Confederacy had to abandon all attempts to take over the Union. The Union started winning the majority of the battles after the Battle of Gettysburg.
Sherman's March to the Sea
May 18 – July 4, 1863
About 19,000 casualties
Union led by Ulysses S. Grant
Union Victory!
U. S. Grant’s armies seiged Vicksburg, entrapping a Confederate army. On July 4, Confederates surrendered after prolonged siege operations. The Confederacy was effectively split in half.
Gettysburg Address
Speech by Abraham Lincoln
November 19, 1863
Prior to giving his speech, Lincoln never wrote "under god".
Union Victory!
Started on November 15, 1864
Sherman had troops from Nashville, Tennesee to Georgia
Was the most destructive campaign against a civillian population in the Civil War
Sherman destroyed most of the state of Georgia. He wanted to show to the Confederacy that they wouldn't do well as a country under foreign attack.
Appomattox Campaign
Union Victory!
Fought from March 25- April 9
The Union army captured all of the Confederates supply bases
The Confederates surrendered
This was the last battle of the Civil War. After the Confederates surrendered, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant met to discuss peace terms.
Essential Question
Why were the casualties for the Civil War extremely high? Think of the technology, tactics, and the make up of the two armies.
The casualties were very high because these armies had built stronger, more powerful weapons to fight each other with. Also, some armies attacked whole cities and killed all the people living in them. Also, the armies kew each others strategies, as they usually worked together, not against one another. This is why the casualties were so high in the Civil War.
Prseident Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address in order to honor the deaths of the people at the battle of Gettysburg. When Lincoln gave his speech, he felt he needed to talk to the people of America. This speech consisted of only 272 words.
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