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The Secret Life of Bees


lauren williams

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees
By:Lauren Williams author background Sue Monk King Sue is a writer, novelist, and memoritst Sue was born in Albany, Georgia and was raised in Sylvester, Georgia which influenced her to write The Secret Life of Bees
She wrote her first book in 1988 and her second book in 1990
The Secret Life of Bees has sold more than 6 million copies, spent over 2 ½ years on the New York Times bestseller list and been published in 35 countries.
Awards: 2010 Homecoming Award, Literature To Life Award, 2004 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and 2003 Book Sense Book of the Year Award
She is currently living in Southwest Florida with her husband and daughter Sandy Exposition Mood:serious Quote:“People who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about life.” Lily, pg.2

Setting: South Carolina in 1964 Quote:"Tiburon South Carolina." Lily pg.43

Situation:Lily must learn about her dead mother in order to understand her own life. Quote:“The truth is your mother ran off and left you.” T. Ray, pg.39

Background:Lily Owens in the summer of 1964 in South Carolina is on a quest with her maid to discover her mother's past, Lily travels to a honey farm in Tiburon, South Carolina. There she discovers the Boatwrights in a fabulous world of beekeeping, spirituality, and obsession with honey. Lily discovers more about herself, her mother, and society than she could have imagined before she began her journey. She learns about the power of females not only as individuals but also as they work collectively. Quote: “Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about” August, pg.148 Characters Lily Melissa Owens
Fourteen-year-old Lily Owens is the main character and protagonist of this novel. Lily has lived alone with her cruel father since her mother’s mysterious death ten years ago. Lily’s black housekeeper and mother-figure, Rosaleen, is unfairly jailed for defending herself against racist, white men. Lily helps her escape and brings Rosaleen on a journey, in which Lily tries to learn about her mother.Quote: “People who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about life.” Lily, pg.2

Rosaleen becomes the Owens family’s housekeeper after Lily’s mother dies. She is an African-American woman who is not certain of her age. Rosaleen becomes like a mother to Lily. Quote: "I feel like I've been beaten with a stick." Rosaleen, pg 50

T. Ray Owens
T. Ray is Lily’s father, whom she calls “T. Ray.” He is the novel’s antagonist, or the force that provides an obstacle for the protagonist. T. Ray is a cruel man who pays little attention to Lily aside from yelling at her and disciplining her harshly. T. Ray makes Lily’s life miserable and will not tell her anything about her mother except that Lily was responsible for her death. Quote: “The truth is your mother ran off and left you.” T. Ray, pg.39


Deborah Owens
Deborah is Lily’s mother, who died when Lily was only four years old.

August Boatwright
August is a beekeeper

May Boatwright
May is August’s very emotional sister.

June Boatwright
June is August’s other sister

Zach works for August.

Neil loves June and asks her to marry him constantly.

Queenie, Violet, Lunelle, Mabalee and Cressie
These women are all a part of the religious devotions to the Black Madonna.

Otis and Sugar Girl
Otis and Sugar Girl also take part in the devotions to the Black Madonna. Point of view First Person- Lily is the narrator. Quote: "The way those bees flew, not even looking for a flower, just flying for the feel of wind, split my heart down its seam" Lily, pg.1 Major Conflicts Internal conflict: Lily spends the entire novel fighting within herself over the loss of her mother. She knows that she was some how responsible. Quote: Lily "My whole life has been nothing but a hole, where my mother should have been. It always left me aching, but I never thought about what it did to you." pg. 32 External Conflict: Racism Quote: “Lily, I like you better than any girl I’ve ever known, but you have to understand, there are people who would kill boys like me for even looking at girls like you.” -Zach, p.135 Climax: The climax of The Secret Life of Bees is when Lily finally confronts T. Ray and learns that she shot her mother. Quote: “The truth is your mother ran off and left you.” T. Ray, pg.39 when Lily figures out who she is aside from a girl with a dead mother. She removes the toxic force of T. Ray from her life and decides to live permanently with August.
“Well if you have a queen and a group of independent-minded bees that split off from the rest of the hive and look for another place to live, then you’ve got a swarm.” -August, p. 93 Resolution: Quote: Themes: Secret lives and Racism Book Review: BookBrowse- "The Secret Life Of Bees is a mesmerizing novel about women with extraordinary gifts coping with loss and finding forgiveness and especially, learning to forgive themselves." I definitely agree with this critic because Lily learns to forgive herself and also learns to forgive others as well. http://www.bookbrowse.com/reviews/index.cfm?book_number=1109 People Magazine- "Populated with rich, believable characters and propelled by a swiftly paced plot, this debut novel is a cut above most coming-of-age tales." http://www.bookbrowse.com/reviews/index.cfm?book_number=1109 I agree with this review because the characters are very blievable and they go through everyday situations. should you read this book? You should read this book
because it has great bealivable characters, an
outstanding plot, and is definitely a page turner.
This book will keep you hooked from begining
to end. Work Cited Page The secret Life of Bees Book http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Secret-Life-of-Bees/Sue-Monk-Kidd/e/9780142001745 http://www.bookbrowse.com/reviews/index.cfm?book_number=1109 http://thebestnotes.com/booknotes/Secret_Life_Of_Bees/Secret_Life_Of_Bees04.html
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