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SharePoint Lesson #66: SharePoint Lists in PowerPoint

How to display and update your SharePoint list in a PowerPoint Presentation

Peter Heffner

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of SharePoint Lesson #66: SharePoint Lists in PowerPoint

Export List to Excel
Create a List or use an existing one.
Chose [List] - [Export to Excel] from the menu.
Save it as a Query-File (.iqy)
Edit in Excel
Insert in PowerPoint
Delete unwanted Columns
Open the previously saved iqy-file in Excel.
By default the columns [Item Type] and [Path] are exported as well.
You can delete or hide both columns.
Check the Data Connection
Click [Data] - [Connections]
Click [Properties]
Check "Refresh"
Save it as an Excel-file
Open an empty PowerPoint slide and
chose [INSERT] - [Object]
Select the previously saved Excel-file
Save your PowerPoint.

Now we are going to update the SharePoint list and learn how to update the PowerPoint data.
Update and Test
Add another Item to your SharePoint list
Open your previously saved PPT.
Right mouse click and select [Edit].
The table opens in edit mode.
Select [DATA] - [Refresh All]
You may need to increase the table size to see the new data.
Please find here an overview of all available Presentations:
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