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SKKU 2011 Baby Box by group 8

No description

Gahee hong

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of SKKU 2011 Baby Box by group 8

what is the "Baby Box"? Baby Box, Door to life or cruel container? Presenter - Group 8 Baby Box is a term for an alternative place where is suggested single mothers to put their baby in that box instead of throw away their baby on the street with no responsibility.
It is technically similar to incubator in the hosipital with additioanl alram system How was it introduced in Korea? Applying Perspective Baby box? Only device to
abondoned babies Encourage abondoning babies Saving life Church
babies? Positive side
Saving life
Only device
Negative side
Making place to throw baby
Increasing abondoned babies
Abondoning baby=easy?
Church=accepting babies? Similar Cases Czech Republic Germany Identifying & Analyzing Stakeholders PLUS Decision Making Process STEP 1. Define the Problem PLUS Is it ethically "right" or "Wrong"? 100% Policy Legal Universal Ourselves Summary 5 alternatives 1. Orphanages, which already exist, can take kids anonymously when their parents want.
2. Before giving a birth, make parents to choose whether they raise their kids by themselves or not
3. Psychological solution
4. Financially supporting single mothers
5. Room of confession 3 Potential alternatives 1. Adapting this system to already verified Facility
2. Psychological solution
3. Room of Confession STEP2. Create Alternatives STEP 3. Evauation of 3 Alternatives PLUS Strength& Weakness STEP 4. Make the decision Costs Sustainability Locke STEP 5&6. Implement and Evaluation PLUS Our Decision is Alternative 2. Psychological solution Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same. - Pearl S Buck THE END :D [Alternative 1]
Adapting this system to already verified Facility 1. No chance to abuse the baby box
2. Reduce the time and the Cost 1. We can't prevent abandoning fundamentally
2. Possibility of encouraging the abandoning
=> Government cannot pay for them 1. One more time to think
2. Cost less than 2 other alternatives
3. Sustainable for a long time 1. Not sure about how much it would influence people(=We can't exactly analize human mind) 1. Can decrease impulsive abandoning
2. Can get a static acquired from counseling
and use it in investigation
3. Sustainable 1. Counselling can be a burden
2. Cost a lot to built a special building
(Confession room + Boby box) [Alternative 2] Psychological solution [Alternative 3] Room of Confession [Alternative 1]
Policy Violate
Legal :)
Universal Violate
Self :) [Alternative 2]
Policy :)
Legal :)
Universal :)
Self :) [Alternative 3]
Policy :)
Legal :)
Universal :)
Self :) By PLUS Filter Increasing
abondoned babies place
throw baby?
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