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when music offends

No description

erika steinger

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of when music offends

when music offends
when music offends
body paragraphs 1 and 2
when music offends
when music offends
explanation and analysis
when music offends
Unit eq: does music censorship violate the first amendment?
Lesson eq: what evidence will you use to support your claim?
Do Now: Write three sentences explaining why an effective thesis statement is the most important part of your essay. Make sure to include:
Why is it helpful for the reader?
Why is it helpful for the writer?
What does it consist of?

Topic sentence
1st sentence of your body paragraph
Begins with transition word/phrase
Organizes/outlines your plan for the paragraph- what's going on in this paragraph?
Makes a connection between your thesis and your body paragraph
Helps to develop and support your thesis statement by setting up your evidence
Your evidence can be a quotation, fact, statistic, common sense example, etc.
Evidence must support your thesis statement, your claim, and your paper as a whole
Make sure the evidence flows and is worded properly
Cite your evidence- you must give credit to wherever you got it from (article name and author's name)
Unpack your evidence by breaking it down and explaining what it means and why it is important
Analyze your evidence by making the connection for your reader- explain how this evidence relates to the main idea AND how it support your claim
concluding sentence
End your paragraph with a concluding sentence that sums up how the paragraph contributed to the development of your essay
Refer to your outline and draft and make sure that your paragraph has:
topic sentence/transition
concluding sentence

when music offends
sample thesis-
Since language is not covered under free speech when it is causing harm to others, music censorship is not in violation of the first amendment because of its one goal: protecting listeners from profanity and offensive lyrics.
sample paragraph
Throughout music's history, lyrics have become more and more offensive as artists write songs involving violence, sex, drugs, and alcohol. According to "The Effects of Violent Music on Children and Adolescents," many studies have reported that college students who listen to rap music show more anger than students who prefer other types of music, such as country. Since rap artists usually sing about violence and other inappropriate topics, it isn't surprising that their listeners are taking on the detrimental attitude of their music. Considering that freedom of speech is not protected when it is harmful, and the behaviors of these students as a result of the music that they listen to is dangerous, it should be argued that the lyrics in this situation should not be protected. Based on the evidence listed above, music censorship is completely reasonable when it is protecting listeners from harm.
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