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Is It 3pm Yet?

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on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Is It 3pm Yet?

Lesson 3: Bellwork is a Beautiful Thing
Bellringers, when used appropriately, help:

~ introduce the lesson (or review material)

~ establish the notion that ALL class time is important

~ allows unobtrusive time for admin functions that must be done
Lesson 4: Quality Over Quantity
It is far more important to have a well-rounded, thoroughly explored concept/lesson than it is to cover as much material as possible. Pace yourself!
Lesson 5: You Are Not Their Friend
Think this...
Lesson 1:
Students Crave Structure
Given an inordinate amount of free or loosely-structured time, students can and will entertain themselves... most often in ways counter to the job of learning.
...not this!
Lesson 2:
Don't Talk Over Your Students
It is truly more effective to wait on your students to get quiet than to yell over them (which becomes less and less effective SUPER quickly).
There & Back Again
Lessons from PCA
You are their teacher. They can like you; they can hate you. It should not matter. What DOES matter is that they should respect you, your position, and your knowledge.

You can be friendly without seeking approval!
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