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Logical Opposition of Proposition

No description

Jenny Sy

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Logical Opposition of Proposition

Logical Opposition of Proposition
One which exist between two universal propositions that differ only in quality.
Logical Opposition of the Proposition
It refers to the different relations that exist between propositions having the same subject and predicate but differing in quantity or quality, or both.
Square of Proposition
One which exist between two particular propositions that differ only in quality.
A relation that exist between propositions that differ both in quantity and quality.
A: All senators are politicians. (True)
O: Some senators are not politicians. (False)

E: No sheep are predators (True)
I: Many sheep are predators. (False)

More Examples:
A: All soaps are cleansers. (true)
O: Some soaps are not cleansers (false)

E: No women are married. (false)
I: Some women are married. (true)
If one is true, the other is false
If one is false, the other is true
A: All flowers are colorful objects. (True)
E: No flowers are colorful objects. (False)

A: All animals are amphibians. (False)
E: No animals are amphibians (False)

A: All diamonds are gems.(True)
E: No diamonds are gems.(False)

A: All flowers are roses. (False)
E: No flowers are roses. (False)
If one is true, the other one is false.

If one is false, the other one is doubtful.
I: Some basketball players are tall. (True)
O: Some basketball players are not tall. (True)

I: Some scholars are not
O: Some apples are green. (True)
I: Some Apples are not green. (True)

O: Some triangles are squares. (False)
I: Some triangles are not squares. (True)
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