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Detail 3

No description

Ann Santi

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Detail 3

Project Management
Project Initiation Phase
Yosua Adrianus Basuki - 10.02.0005
Njoo, Vega Monica - 10.02.0015
Stefany Yuliany - 10.02.0017
Monica Stevani Rusli - 10.02.0020
Diah Ayu Puspo Suminar - 10.02.0021
An Nisa Santi - 10.02.0033
Yosterie Anggara - 10.02.0073
Project Concept Statement
A written request for a project by an individual or group within the organization.
Initiation Phase
Initiation Phase is the first phase in the project lifecycle and is the predecessor to the Project Planning Phase. The initiating stage should include a plan that encompasses the following areas:
analyzing the business needs/requirements in measurable goals
reviewing of the current operations
financial analysis of the costs and benefits including a budget
stakeholder analysis, including users, and support personnel for the project
project charter including costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedule
project/initiative can be successful
based on current resource availability,
skill sets and timelines
the Project Concept Statement
A feasibility study determines whether the business idea makes sense
Prepare Formal Acceptance Package
work to be done, the schedule, the estimated cost, and the management processes for the project
Submit Project Initiation Plan
for Approval
anyone whose resources
will be affected by the project
Gain Approval to Proceed
Assign Project Manager
The Project Sponsor assigns or hires a Project Manager for the project.
Devetop Project Charter
Perlengkapan yang digunakan untuk perencanaan project, juga mekanisme komunikasi.
Review, Approval and Authorization of Project Charter
The Project Manager, Executive Management and Project Sponsor review and approve the Project Charter, as listed in the Project Charter.
Begin Development of Project
The Project Manager begins the process to obtain state and/or federal funding based on the identified funding source identified in the Project Concept Statement.
Complete Initiation Phase
The Project Manager Contacts all participating Stakeholders to review and document lessons learned in the initiation phase.
rencana komunikasi
yang efektif
project berhasil
Project Charter harus menjadi salah satu elemen kunci untuk project yang sukses.
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