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John Forbes Nash Jr (John Nash)

No description

Vivian Logan

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of John Forbes Nash Jr (John Nash)

John Forbes Nash Jr Was born on 13th June,1928 in Blue field,West Virginia. He is currently 81 years old (hasn't died yet) Besides his parents, he also lived with younger sister (who was reluctant to show her 'weird' brother to her friends) With a letter of recommendation by R.J. Duffin(Stating that "This man is a genius"), he was accepted into Harvard University.However, when the mathematics department of Princeton offered him the John S. Kennedy fellowship,he was convinced that Harvard valued him less and moved from White Oak to Princeton. While there, he worked on his equilibrium theory. In 1950, he earned a doctorate for his 28 page dissertation on non-cooperative games. The thesis contained properties and definitions of what would later be known as the Nash equilibrium. Nash also did astonishing work in the field of algebraic geometry with an article called "Real algebraic manifolds.
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