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basic and complex injuries

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Daniel Jacobs

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of basic and complex injuries

Muscular Injuries
now for muscular injuries people say they tend to pain more because there internal injuries and happen on the inner most part of the body .e.g at the back of the leg the quadriceps which you can sprain and can hurt pretty bad.
Skin Injuries
now there are skin injuries which happen on top of the skin like cuts and grazes that happen when you fall when you've been punched or when you scrape your skin across something that's a skin injury.
Basic and Complex Injuries
To start off with lets start with the basic injuries, there are two types of basic injuries muscular injuries and skin injuries which as an example let me list the muscular injuries which are strains, sprains and bruises and for the skin, it would be cuts, grazes and bruises.
A complex injury
there are difference is that complex injuries are as stated overuse injuries, dislocations, fractures, head injuries and back and spinal injuries. this is because complex injuries are the more serious types of injuries.
complex injuries.
complex; Over-use injuries are caused by repetitive stress on a body part over a period of time.
A dislocation occurs when a bone is pulled or twisted out of place at a joint.
Fractures are hard tissue injuries where the bone either cracks or breaks.
Concussion is a common cause of unconsciousness while playing sport. It occurs when an individual has received a blow to the head, causing an injury to the brain.
these are complex injuries
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