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Does Homeopathy have any value?

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Maisha Shahid

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Does Homeopathy have any value?

What went well
I think the best aspect of my EPQ was being able to easily find information from many sources and I feel this strengthened my project.
Books: 'Family guide to homeopathy' & 'OCR A2 Chemistry A'
Homeopath & Lecturer in a Homeopathic School
What didn't go well & What I'd do differently
What is homeopathy?
The definition of homeopathy is
'a system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment'
What my project was about
My EPQ was based on whether Homeopathy has any value
Does Homeopathy have any value?
Why I wanted to investigate whether homeopathy has value
I found 'The Law of Similars' to be quite contradictive. Therefore, I wanted to research into the scientific evidence behind homeopathy.
Time management & meeting personal deadlines - for my next project I will ensure I make a template structure with dates
What surprised me
I found that well known people throughout history and celebrities are strong believers in homeopathy. Such as Paul McCartney, Mahatma Gandhi as well as the Royal family.
I chose Homeopathy as my topic because I have always been hearing about the controversies and debate on homeopathy and wanted to find out more
Homeopathy was created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Homeopathic drugs create symptoms similar to the diseases they effectively treat. This is known as 'The Law of Similars'
An example of homeopathy is where a homeopath would use extremely low doses of a substance that causes a fever to treat a fever.
How homeopathy
works & is made
Homeopathic remedies are thought to stimulate the body as the 'disease' would but in a minute dose. This triggers the immune system to respond & successfully cure as well as remember.
The first step in making a homeopathic medication is choosing the raw materials. This ranges from snake venom to flowers.
The materials are then ground, this was originally done using a mortar and pestle but is now ground mechanically.
The ground material is then diulted with water, alcohol or lactose until a level of 30C dilution is reached. In between each step of diltion is a step called 'succussion', which is vigourous shaking of the solution.
This is thought to be the key step of
Dilution demonstration
I will show you a demonstration of an 1C level dilution.
At a 6C level of dilution - it would be equivalent to 1 drop in the volume of 20 swimming pools
At the complete dilution level of 30C - even one drop in all the oceans of the world would not be as dilute as homeopathy
“I can’t manage without homeopathy. In fact, I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I often make use of them.” Paul McCartney
Key Findings
Homeopathy doesn't have any scientific evidence
However, it is thought that the placebo effect could be the reason why homeopathy works for some people
"1 in 3 patients respond to placebos" American Cancer society
This could be a legitimate healing
Does Homeopathy have any value?
• Is there scientific evidence that homeopathy is of medical value?

• Does the support for homeopathy by healthcare professionals mean that it has real value

• Does the investment patients and healthcare companies make in homeopathy show its value?

• Is there value in the placebo effect as a legitimate healing process?

The potential of homeopathy has attracted investment, and based on research I do think homeopathy has sufficient value for investment.

With investment, the flaws of homeopathy could be improved and maybe real scientific proof as to why there is a chance of the medication working could be found, instead of just the placebo effect.

In the future homeopathy could be greatly valued by scientists and general population due to further research and development. Until then, although a small proportion of society give homeopathy value, it is not nearly as significant, or as valued as conventional methods.
Making sure I am aware of the definitions of the words I use, even if it is a quote
Thank you
by Maisha Shahid
If I were to do this again
Through the course of completing my EPQ I found that the placebo effect is a great factor of homeopathy. I also found this section very interesting. With a larger word count I would've loved to have done further research on the placebo effect and homeopathy.
I also feel that I have improved on my presentation skills by using prezi and this will support me when making more presentations in the future
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